Grand Opening, Grand Closing: Sally Sussman and Kay Alden Out At Y&R

Sally Sussman
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A huge creative shake up is happening behind the scenes at CBS’ The Young and the Restless. According to reports, head writer/co-executive producer Sally Sussman Morina and creative consultant Kay Alden have “retired” from the long-running soap. Who’s the name reportedly taking over?

Picture getting your dream job — the job that you were destined to have. The job that was taken from you and given to several lesser qualified applicants. Picture finally claiming what was rightfully yours, only to quit 10 months later.

In a shocking turn of events, Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential broke the news that Sally Sussman and Kay Alden both are leaving the show and retiring from the genre. Co-executive producer Mal Young will assume duties as head writer and executive producer. This came after unfounded reports (from non-credible outlets) of turmoil within the highest rated soap surrounding Sussman Morina supposedly hiring of her son with plans to fire veteran scribe Kay Alden. Apparently, both claims were said to be false by DC, and both are hanging up their feather pens and heading off to daytime Shady Pines. With so much hype surrounding their hires such a short time ago, you have to wonder what went wrong. Did CBS write a check they couldn’t cash? Did Sally under-deliver on a over-hyped promise? Or did she and Kay simply decide to take their talents to South Beach?

There’s been immediate and swift reaction within #SoapTwitter. Those of us at TV Source Magazine have…mixed feelings.

It seems like the writing was on the wall a lot sooner than we may have noticed. Just recently I wondered about the increasing scrutiny and uncertainty of storylines. After an initial soap press push, Sally Sussman seemingly disappeared from the interview scene, leaving dealing with the press to Young, who had been very vocal. I still find it odd.

With all the flaws of ABC’s General Hospital at the moment, their scribes have never shied away from doing press with the magazines — detailing what is coming next and what they see for the show. Sussman on the other hand has been like a silent partner of sorts. Blink and you almost forgot she was there. And the one interview she did do turned fans off so much, I wonder if she was just never able to rebound from it.

We wish Sally and Kay all the best in the future endeavors while also making sure the doors are locked and key cards denied for anyone named Charles Pratt.

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