TV Source Podcast EP 14: Soap ReACTION – Tension, Neutral Gear and Whoretons a Hoeing

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The TV Source Podcast keeps the momentum going with part two of the Soap ReACTION episode. We turn our focus on the NBC and CBS soaps, which are ranging from great to unfortunate. Things between two of our hosts get heated when pointed criticism of one soap’s team of writers sets off a passionate debate. You don’t want to miss it.The rundown for the episode taped December 17th, 2017:

Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Johnathon and Ryan

Bold and the Beautiful

  • Thorne is back to win back Forrester. And Brooke. And OMG we’ve been here before.
  • Steffy is predictably pregnant and weeping… Hope will probably right in time to see Liam dump Steffy. Did we lost Ivy on another bridge though?
  • Why is this show so heavy-handed, lazy and uninspiring? There’s no more intrigue. The pacing is classic soap but the story is thin. What happened to the great business stories of days gone by? Johnathon’s critique of the writing team sets off a fiery debate with Ryan that raised tension on set.

The Young and the Restless (Starts at 24:15)

  • Hilary & Devon are just drifting in stories. Not sure if they’re drifting closer together but drifting nonetheless.
  • Take the money and go Tessa! Tessa denied Victor’s money to leave town and everyone groaned. Why aren’t interlopers as successful as they used to be? Literally no one wants Tessa around.
  • Loving the Alzheimer’s drama with the siblings taking opposite but very realistic sides. Probably the series’ strongest story, but Ryan and Ashley are over it.
  • How are we feeling the return of Philly?
  • Speaking of returns, JT is finally back!
  • Also, next episode teasers have been cut and fans are wilding out. Thoughts?

Days of our Lives (Starts at 58:38)

  • Belle and Shawn are back from Hong Kong… to not be used again! Belle did spill all the tea and let Sami hear it. Too bad they never really interact. Why doesn’t Shelle stay?!
  • Ciara 3.0 is a bit extra, but Victoria Konefal is knocking it out of the park. Her misplaced anger toward Claire is finally being redirected to the right target…Rafe. Is she Sami Jr.?
  • Salem’s newest detective, Eli Grant always keeps it 100%. We want to see more of him.
  • Sonny’s stalking Will through these Salem streets. Why is Will giving him another shot? We’re happy Will is keeping his options open, just like a young gay man in the digital age should!
  • Eve vs Brady… do they have It?
  • Is it just (some of us) or does Rope drag the show down? Seeing Hope take a back seat to disciplining Ciara, finding out about Ciara’s overseas antics from Shawn Douglas was embarrassing. One of our hosts thinks otherwise.
  • #DAYsoWhite – The backlash over the perception of JJ after Theo’s storyline continues to draw debate on #SoapTwitter. Are their arguments misplaced?

Episode Run-time: 2 hours and 3 minutes.

The newest TV Source Podcast episode is available for streaming (below) and is available to download on iTunes.

On the Next TV Source Podcast: We layout the highs and lows of Year in Soaps 2017. It’s will be our last episode the year!

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  1. They are right about Bold and the Beautiful. There is no point to this show at this point in time. I missed last week and missed absolutely nothing in terms of story. This show will never move on until they start writing these characters with new stories not new partners. I love new Ciara and how extra she is. I prefer this version than sleepy time Claire. Also I am all for Will and Paul exploring their options whether that is together or with others as young sexy men should be doing.

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