Podcast Ep 15: Soap Talk – New Year, Same Soaps; Intrigue and Nonsense

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The TV Source Podcast is back for its first new episode of 2018! With the start of a new year and so much happening – good and bad – on the soaps, we taped a supersize episode covering the previous two weeks of soap episodes. Here’s the rundown for the episode taped January 14, 2018.Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Johnathon and Ryan

General Hospital

  • The incomparable Jessica Tuck’s Cassandra was taken out and in the aftermath, Finn and Anna finally came together. Do you buy them as a couple? Do you think you know or even care who might be the real culprit behind Cassandra’s death?
  • Tying islanded threads – the mayoral storyline pulls in underutilized and often ignored veterans, but how much impact can the gentrification angle have when two of the parties are hardly on?
  • Faison is Nathan’s father but who cares at this point? And what’s with the convoluted mystery?
  • Parenting Fail: What was with Carly low-key slutshaming Josslyn? Was it a case of good intentions, poor execution?
  • Also: Franco’s neverending backstory, the Jason/Sam/Drew triangle needs to kick into high gear, Sam finding her voice and more.

The Bold and the Beautiful

  • Manufactured marital troubles might be coming for Rick and Maya. Former transphobe Carter is suddenly in love with Maya again and Nicole is giving Rick advice on how to make time for your marriage even when busy. Is this the usual heavy handed foreshadowing? Why can’t black girls be happy with their white husbands on these shows when it hardly happens in the first place?
  • Imploding Ship – Steffy and Liam’s marriage implodes when he finds her paternity test. It turns out the baby is Liam’s so why didn’t she get rid of the test? Who thought reducing your strong, confident, leading woman to bawling mess, crawling and begging for her husband to not leave her was a good idea in 2018?
  • As expected, Hope turns up just as Liam and Steffy fall apart! Annika Noelle is a natural but everyone’s already asking her about Liam. Character mentions finding herself but the only thing people care about is if she still cares about her ex. Sally and Hope could be fun friends!
  • Katie confronting Bill was fire! Easily the best scenes in a week but that’s because of the goddess Heather Tom. It’s nice that Steffy has a friend to support her though and that Katie sees that even if Bill didn’t coerce Steffy, he still wore her down and crossed boundaries that he should have known better than to cross

The Young and the Restless

  • Scotty cheating on Sharon is revealed in grand fashion! Sharon brought it down but the reactions of the people watching were easily some of the best bits. That scene of her ditching the engagement ring!! Scotty is a big baby anyway.
  • Graham is back taking advantage of Dina, allowing her to get away with the kidnapping that set Jack and Ashley back at each other’s throats. We’re over the dementia storyline.
  • Hilary can’t be in a room full of people without messing with them – and we love it!
  • Mixed reactions for the Cane and Lily reunion train. Why is the show obsessed with keeping them together? Why can’t Nick and Lily be a thing? Cane did more than “just” cheat on his wife, he sabotaged a company all in the name of jealousy and gets rewarded in the long run? What? We run down our issues, even though one (or two) is enjoying aspects of it.
  • Some fans complaining JT’s return has been too quiet. Is something bigger is coming for he and Victoria?

Days of our Lives

  • Welcome new DiMera child – Vivian returns to Salem and brings a new spawn of Stefano, Stefan O., in the process. We’re always down for new DiMeras even if the backstory is convoluted or draped in mystery. How sexy is Tyler Christopher?
  • Will shatters Sonny’s delusional expectations and declares himself a single (and looking for Paul) kind of gay! Amesia Will is the best thing to happen to the character, and we’re excited for what’s to come. What we’re not excited for is Sonny stooping to new lows in desperate attempts to emotionally manipulate Will. Sad!
  • Drunken misogyny: Idiotic Brady chokes Vivian.
  • Ciara keeps Rafe’s secret
  • Corporate intrigue and predatory behavior? The DiMera family drama is creating lots of intrigue – personal and corporate, but were the Stefan and Abby scenes a bit much?

Episode Run-Time: 2 hours and 19 minutes

The newest TV Source Podcast episode is available for streaming (below) and download on iTunes here.

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