TV Source Podcast Ep 16: Soap Talk – Coming At You Fast

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What a jam packed new episode of the TV Source Podcast — we cover the latest on the uproar surrounding Genie Francis’ exit from General Hospital, as well as give our commentary on The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and the Young and the Restless. Pull up a seat, dive in and check out what our panel has to say — we hope it’s a good listen!

Here’s the rundown for the episode taped January 28, 2018.

Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Johnathon and Ryan

General Hospital

Genie Francis cut from GH – The messiness of cutting one of the series’ most beloved stars ahead of the series’ 55th anniversary celebration.

All eyes on Ava: From calling out alcoholic Alexis to lingering around Julian’s bar to her standalone episode. Ava and Maura West proved to be queens we knew they are. Our thoughts on the standalone episode – the praise and criticism wasn’t spared.

Mad Man: Faison arrived in peak form! Even with the entire town searching, he ran free like it was nothing, searching for Nathan. GH having a true viable villain again just feels right. Not some weird day player no one knows or wants to know. Sonny thinks all Faison roads lead back to him when we know it all boils down to Anna. Anna in Faison mode = badass level 1000%! Bullets fly in Peter’s office but who will survive?

Bold & Beautiful

Lefotvers: Ridge and Brooke announced their 10,000th engagement and left Thorne off the guest list. This is a snoozer. Steffy is chosen to be Brooke’s maid of honor and not her returned daughter? Sounds like a convenient plot set up!

Not her too: Steffy may have been in vulnerable state and Bill was absolutely a creep for being so persistent, but Steffy consented to be with him. Everyone seems keen on saying Bill took advantage of her, and we discuss whether he did or not.

Back at it: Hearing what Steffy did to Liam, Hope is clearly going to throw herself into the race to win his damaged heart. Sally’s there now too! It’ll be so much fun to watch the same stories play out again and again. Can’t Liam have some downtime?

Young & Restless

The Fever: Hillary wants a baby – no, NEEDS a baby. It seems like suddenly every decision revolves around having a child. What’s the deal? I don’t watch regularly, so not sure if this has been a recurring theme? From blind dates to commiserating with Devon, Hillary let the entire town know that she wanted a child. Kind of noble since she wants someone to pass her legacy onto but feels so out of left field. If only she winds up pregnant by Devon somehow… Please Jesus! He’s too busy worrying about Mariah’s diary though.

Fast & Furious: JT and Victoria are sexy, no doubt. But they’re moving so fast and thankfully everyone else is noticing too. Lots of people can’t believe they’re already moving in together as a family unit after so much past drama. Throw in some pill popping and angry outbursts, this new union won’t be as smooth sailing as they’d imagined. Cut your hair.

Love is blind: Cane and Lily’s lightspeed reconciliation is thankfully not without consequences. Lily cannot believe she has to raise a bastard baby and it shows! She’s exhausted, exasperated and over it but she smiles in Cane’s face about it. Where is her backbone? Speak up! Her chat with Hilary was all kinds of poetic and empowering, it was nice to see them come together though we don’t think Lily should have to force herself to love a child that’s not hers. We hope more drama comes from this!

Days of our Lives

Selfish: Lani’s justification for keeping her baby feels misguided and immature. In 2018, there should be more than a “it’s her body and she can make her own choices” – make her do it too. We discuss the lacking motivation for the character, and ways to spice up her character in the process. Also: An alternative pitch for what should happen with Eli and JJ.

Clue: Who killed Andre? More important – why kill him now and not when he was a hot ass mess? We’re happy Andre turned out to be bad in the end but it wasn’t enough. The highlight of this thus far is Anna and Roman, surprisingly.

Best Buds: Yikes at the outrage over John poisoning Steve. It’s a wild and out of place story point but it’s drawing in veterans in a story that seems to be more than meets the eye. A positive of this too is the inclusion of Will and Paul coming into the fold to help solve the mystery. How cute are they?

Episode Run Time: 1:13

The newest TV Source Podcast episode is available for streaming (below) and soon to download on iTunes.

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  1. A great podcast except Lani is keeping the secret because JJ was suicidal and she was worried for his health. Also, Lani & Eli are both biracial. Therefore, it’s more than possible that their child would look white. Have you seen pictures of Victoria Rowell’s daughter or Paula Patton’s son? Both children are pale skinned, blonde and blue-eyed.

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