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The TV Source podcast breaks out the snark and comedy in this week’s new Week in Soaps episode for the week of April 16, 2018. Tensions may have run high in the previous episode but we’re getting along like the residents of Harmony, USA this week. General Hospital is setting up a showdown over Avery due to Mike’s Alzheimer’s; The Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill blackmails the woman he supposedly loves; The Young and the Restless’ Nikki asserts her dominance as Genoa City’s HBIC; Days of our Lives’ veteran women find themselves in trouble thanks to Stefan and Gabigail’s machinations. Dive into the newest TV Source Podcast episode!

  • Performer of the Week (00:44): General Hospital’s Laura Wright wrecked our hearts as an increasingly unstable Carly poured out her heart to Morgan’s grave. Laura Wright shines when given material that showcases Carly’s layers and vulnerabilities, rather than the head cheerleader she gets to be on a regular basis.
  • General Hospital (04:24): Avery’s found safe as Mike’s episodes continue to worsen. Was Ava in the wrong to demand Avery go with her? We discuss. Meanwhile, Jason, Sam and Spinelli work together like old times in a low impact bank heist. Was it a case of good nostalgia or a bad attempt? We’re split. Not to be missed – Anna’s attempts at hiding her secret fails when she’s with the man who knows her better than anyone – Robert Scorpio. We discuss the next phase of the story.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (25:13): Bill blackmails Steffy and other nonsense as Source Ashley wraps up her trial run of watching this show every week.
  • The Young and the Restless (31:50): Neil is back and teaming up with Lily to put Hilary on warning – even if she might be carrying his grandchild. Will this lead to another extreme measure by him? What does Cardi B and Nikki Newman have in common? You’ll see. Nikki takes control of Newman Enterprises after sending JT on a one-way ticket to hell, but she’s also staking her claim on Victor while keeping her young thing on the side. Do we think she’s setting herself up to topple? Also: Ashley and Abby are channeling Bulk and Skull from the Power Rangers with unnecessary hijinks.
  • Days of our Lives (48:24): Paul does not want his baby Will to be traumatized by interviewing Clyde or Ben Weston about his “death”. Will is of course going to do it though. Are we interested to where this story will lead? Feels like the next umbrella story. Claire, Tripp and Ciara are still caught in this weird, slowly paced beauty contest thing. We love that that Claire is openly embracing her messiness now. Abigail is pushed by Andre inside her own mind to remember the day he died. These are scenes that should have been playing out for weeks now. Meanwhile, Gabigail is running amok, locking all of Salem’s older ladies in a bunker while she and Stefan get it on upstairs.
  • Recommendations (1:12:31): What things are we excited about this week in primetime, pop culture and film? Check it out. We mention Crazy Rich Asians, The Originals, Hashtag TV Geek Podcast and more!

The newest TV Source Podcast episode is available for streaming. Share with us your thoughts on the week and reaction to the podcast in the comments below or on social media using #TVSPodcast. Current and past episodes of the TV Source Podcast are available on iTunes.

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