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It’s May Sweeps y’all! Coming off the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, how did our soaps fare in the post-awards episodes? The TV Source Podcast is talking Phyllis and Hilary’s new sperm scheme on Y&R; Goodbye for now to B&B; Tropes on tropes on tropes on GH and soapy goodness on DAYS with divas, devils and dastardly alters!

Tape Date: May 6, 2018

The Young and the Restless: Lauren Woodland and Kelly Kruger are returning as Brittany and Mac. Rumor has it a high profile legal case is the reason. Is JT’s murder already uncovered? Also: There’s just something so fun about women hiding a deadly secret! Phyllis, Sharon, Victoria and Nikki are so much fun together especially as pressures mount. I hope it lasts though! Phyllis helps Hilary get the idea to inseminate herself with Devon’s sperm because the real deal didn’t take. All of this is just leading up to another predictable fight over a secret…

The Bold and the Beautiful: We’re making the decision to retire this segment for the foreseeable future. It’s hard to find the good in B&B now, and rather than complain week in and week out, we’re going to take a break and return in a few months. In the interim, we’re going to debut a rotating segment that will be open discussion.

General Hospital: Population reaches 13,000 as soap vet Elizabeth Hendrickson joins the cast in a yet-to-be-revealed new role! These hoes ain’t loyal — Griffin has joined the “Bash Ava” team after the good sistren used Mike’s illness to gain the shared custody of her daughter that she was blackmailed out of last year. Another secret kid trope? That’s the rumor with Finn and Chase. Also: GH’s frustrating direction leaves a lot of potential untapped.

Days of our Lives: Paul Telfer returns as Xander Cook Kiriakis. Daytime Emmy Winning Drama, DAYS, leaped into May Sweeps with comedy and silliness. The DID story lightened the hell up finally and gave us silly old biddies locked in a dungeon with champagne and flashbacks to devil possession. Perfect way to start off the week after the big win! Everyone knows that Abigail split and might have killed Andre but still no one knows WHY… STILL! Ben makes a return but in Abigail’s head… will he help her unlock her memories next week? Chloe got kidnapped – like Lucas said! – all the way to Mexico where she found our very own Jeannie Theresa living life as a hooker thanks to her dad!

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  1. I am with the rest of you about Bold and the Beautiful. They have nothing of consequence happening so what is the point in watching Bill be a creep, Liam and Wyatt being dumb as hell, and Hope and Steffy being desperate, and Ridge being angry. I will come back when something important happens.

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