Podcast EP 38: Week in Soaps – Exits, Tea and Are You In?

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A lot can happen in a couple of weeks and boy has the TV Source Magazine team been busy! In this new Weeks in Soaps episode, we’re discussing the exits of General Hospital‘s Dominic Zamprogna, Days of our Lives‘ Bryan Dattilo and Christopher Sean, and The Young and the Restless‘ Mishael Morgan. Be sure to get your cup ready for the mini-tea party we have on her exit from Y&R. We’re also discussing Y&R’s custody battle and shifting young-adult set, the weird comparison bewteen DAYS’ Ciara/Ben and GH’s Franco/Liz and more!

Episode Taped: June 17, 2018

  • The Headlines (01:00): Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) out at GH; Christopher Sean (Paul) quits DAYS; Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) out too; Y&R’s Mishael Morgan Out. We run down our thoughts on the exits, and spills some tea on Mishael Morgan’s Y&R’s exit. Remember — if you want to leave, you don’t enter contract negotiations.
  • The Young and the Restless (20:26): The fallout of custody battle for Christian sets the stage for a radical shift in Nick Newman, but will it last? Hillary and Devon get a roomate. Will Kyle, Mariah, Tessa, Summer turn into something interesting? Meanwhile, why is Summer trying to bang Billy? We’re here for this new version of Summer.
  • General Hospital (52:15): Nelle’s got a past with Det. Hottie himself, Harrison Chase. Johnathon says nonsense as he’s eagerly anticipating the next phase of this story. Meanwhile, Ryan is annoyed at Jason’s repeating the same thing he did prior to leaving the series in 2012 — serving at the beck and call of Sonny and Carly.
  • Days of our Lives (01:00:43): #Cin (Ciara and Ben) is finally upon us and the TV Source crew is HERE. FOR. IT. But first, why are people comparing Cin to GH’s Friz? Or Ben to Franco? There’s a big difference and we set the record straight. Also: How does Tripp and Claire play into Cin’s developments?

There was so much to discuss, we had to leave a lot on the cutting room floor, but don’t fret, there’s a bonus episode with more DAYS discussion coming soon.

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