Podcast EP 42, Part 2: Week in Soaps – Volume Up


There was so much to talk about in Week in Soaps for July 16 that we had to split up this episode of the TV Source Podcast. In part two, our hosts go IN on General Hospital’s lackluster summer stories and inability to connect the pieces of good soap to greatness. Why get excited about moments when it’s not going to matter in the end? Will the on-hiatus Bold and Beautiful segment return? Possibly, if one host has his way. Of course, the main event is Days of our Lives talk – Gabi angers pro-choice soap twitter, 5 minutes in Cin and Salem’s black budget!

Episode Taped: July 22, 2018

If you missed it: Episode 42, Part 1 – In Our Y&R Feelings…We’re Upset

  • (01:00) General Hospital’s identity crisis, refusal to revolve, inability to tell the obvious good story and overall confusing creative decisions. Why double down on Peter when the general consensus is fans are rebelling against it? Where’s the sex? Where’s the adventure? Where’s the soul?
  • (20:58) Is B&B getting better? It’s pulling some back in but we’re still cautious.
    • Gabi’s revenge on Abigail hitting a controversial beat, Theresa winning custody and leaving town, Eli and Lani’s lack of airtime, and Ben and Ciara’s (SEE-ARE-UH) five minutes of airtime proving quality over quantity works any day! But we will want more Sin.
    • (49:42) Let’s talk about #Cin! Yes, they have their own segment. Was Ciara’s bitchiness to Claire justified? Why is Hope being a BULLY and trying to gaslight our sweet Ben?
    • (59:15) Does the black budget across all of Sony? Where is Eli and Lani’s airtime? A missed opportunity is in the making.
    • (01:10:00) Listener comments – praise for Jen Lilley, criticism for Hevon’s end, and more!(24:15) When you’re the best US soap opera on air it’s difficult to limit you discussion so we a LOT about Days of our Lives.

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  1. Really interesting, thoughtful discussion again this week on the podcast, thank you! Agree with all of it, including Gabi the queen (most dynamic character right now in soaps), the unnecessary and short sighted death of Hilary on YR, and especially how terrible #GH is right now. I would only add, as a disgruntled longtime fan of #GH, that doubling down on the Corinthos is another thing killing the show. All of you have expressed annoyance with Sonny and Carly lately. They are awful characters. And virtually all the stories involve them, prominently. I don’t like Valentine or Peter, I do like Franco and Finn, but I will take all the new characters over the Corinthos at the moment, the writing has made me hate them that much. I don’t think they should leave the show. But the focus on them, and the way they are written, gives me no pleasure. They are polarizing, and not in a good way. Getting rid of the newer characters won’t solve the major problem at the heart of this show. Just my thoughts.

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