Podcast S3 EP 16: Week in Soaps – “The Wrong Hot Takes”

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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for April 8-12, 2019: More casting shake ups are announced; Lily meets a tragic end on Hollyoaks; A love triangle puts the young back into The Young and the Restless; Kristina is rescued from a cult on General Hospital; Flo is revealed to be a Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful; Will gets a shocking diagnosis on Days of Our Lives.

Taped: April 14, 2019
Producer: Johnathon K.

Hot Topics

Cynthia Watros checks in as Nina Reeves on GH. Cait Fairbanks is rumored to be out at YR but denies the claims. Michael Mealor suspiciously unfollows his colleagues on Twitter while Noemi Gonzalez pens her goodbye to Genoa City. British Soap Award nominations are out. Vote for Hollyoaks!


Lily dies alone in a train station bathroom after her wounds grow infected and she develops Sepsis. The village spirals into playing the blame game. Hollyoaks Spring Trailer here and better than we could have imagined!

The Young and the Restless 

The Kyle/Lola/Summer triangle takes a turn which lit Soap Twitter on fire. Everyone is plotting to take down Phyllis it seems as Lauren and Jack both work against her. Another Villy reunion is on the horizon as the show decides to give the fans what they claim they want.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Flo is a Logan. As Storm Logan’s daughter, Flo learns she’s duped her cousin out of a baby. Will this push her to tell the truth?

General Hospital

Kristina is rescued from Dawn of Day before Shiloh rapes her. Chase and Willow hit the sheets. Anna fears that Robin might actually be Alex’s kid and not hers.

Days of Our Lives

Will finds out he has a tumor. Hope and Rafe’s relations emplodes as he decides to move out. Will she move on with Ted? The cabin fire investigation is back on. JJ is beginning to suspect Claire, Claire confesses to Eve and Ciara stands by Ben as the cops question him again.

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Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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