Battle Royale Poll: Barchie vs Bughead

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Riverdale season four is coming to an (unfortunately) early end this week on May 6th. And while the big mystery of the season likely won’t be answered due to its early cut-off date (just who is the voyeur? Charles, Chip, Mr. Honey? All of them? None of them?) there’s an even bigger mystery at the front of everyone’s minds.

Who, oh who, will win the heart of Betty Cooper?

It may seem as though she’s pledged her allegiance to boyfriend Jughead Jones after her steamy smooch and clandestine meetings with Archie Andrews, but let’s face it. This is a teen drama and had season four been allowed to finish in its entirety we can only guess on how it would have ended. While we wait impatiently for the world to reopen and Hollywood to resume production on all of their shows, let’s leave it to the fans.

Battle Royale: Barchie vs Bughead will remain open until the clock strikes midnight pst on 5/7/2020!


Who gets your vote and why? Sound off in the comments below or let us know on twitter @TVSource

Watch the season four finale of Riverdale Wednesday 5/6/2020 on the CW at 9/8c

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  1. Bughead of course they actually have stuff in common make amazing team have some best development in series really understands each other is exatcly what other need and fact is jughead gave Betty what she always wanted some one to see the real her and not perfect doll Alice and them wanted and Betty saw that jughead wasn’t serpent trash he is was misunderstood kind soul

    Don’t get me started on why varchie or choin is amazing

  2. Barchie of course bughead is boring we need to have spice in the show and stop giving bughead a hard head by rigging these votes we know who the more sane ship is lol and their connection goes beyond love and connection they have history and just because he didn’t date her in the first season doesn’t mean anything they have both grown bughead thinks they are both dark so they need each other I say have someone to hold her up not someone that will fall into the darkness with her barchierising

  3. Archie & Betty. They instinctively, wholeheartedly trust each other and are always there for each other without a moment’s hesitation. They’ve been in love forever and repressed those feelings for years. Some day, the timing for them will be right and hopefully they’ll soon be ready to deal with their feelings at the same time.

  4. Betty and Jughead is the obvious choice. I’m not sure how people can ship Betty and Archie I’m sorry but if you like Betty and Archie as characters you’d know that them being together just ruins all their development so far. Betty and Archie both love Veronica and Jughead and would NEVER want to do anything to hurt them. I think the core 4’s relationships are way too important to be ruined by Betty and Archie. They never really had interactions unless something happens between them and their boyfriend / girlfriend which doesn’t make them right for each other. Betty clearly stated how she LOVES Jughead and would not want to do anything to hurt or lose him in 418 and Betty & Archie being together would literally do that. Betty & Jughead (Cole & Lili) have also won the teen choice award for best ship many years in a row which really says something. I also love Betty with my whole heart and Archie really hurt her in 1×01 and Jughead has always been there for her it just doesn’t make any sense for Betty/Archie to get together.

  5. Clearly Barchie, the slow burn is the best romance!!! And they know they have feelings, stronger ones, first love will be the last #barchie

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