A Love Letter: Here’s To You #The100 Fans


Well. There’s been some discourse this weekend. Again. If you’re clicking on this article then it’s very likely that you’re aware of it so we won’t get in to it again.

My very first article here at TVSource way back in 2017 was a little thing praising the fans of CW’s The 100 for promoting the show during what felt like a never ending hiatus. Back then the hashtag #PromoteThe100 was born from fandom in a desperate attempt to get the little apocalyptic show the attention they felt it deserved. Flyers were made, twitter trends created, artwork, fan-videos, articles written. A fan-based push back to what felt like apathy from a network that didn’t seem to know what it had. It’s been two years since then and as we are now 17 short days from the premier of The 100’s seventh and final season a demand for any type of content is at an all time high.

Then someone from behind the scenes of the show makes a thread on what fans don’t understand. That anything that writers, cast, or crew do for the show outside of filming are things that they do voluntarily because they’re not getting paid for it so really, it’s all up to the network to promote the show. Now, my initial feeling to this was anger. Not on their behalf by any means because there should at least be some sense of pride in your work that should make you want to promote it regardless of financial gain. There should be a feeling of gratefulness to the fans that have given you love, support, and recognition and maybe a ‘thank you’ to them as they go in to their final chance to support you should have been considered payment instead of money.

Then, I got to thinking about those very fans. The ones who spend their time making fan-art, making videos, filming reactions, running update accounts, and yes, even writing articles and reviews of the show year in and year out for free. Because despite what you may assume these are all labors of love. People are actually spending their money to do all of these things, getting nothing to very little in return except maybe having the chance to bring someone a little nugget happiness or a little validation of their feelings.

And that’s what I’m doing here today. Sitting here on my laptop, typing away, building knots in my shoulders sitting over a laptop, for no compensation. Because as the cast, crew, writers, and higher ups thank each other for a job well done on their final season (and they should, they work hard as well), somebody has to take the time to thank the people who have worked their asses off to help get them this far.

You. The fans.

Thank you.

Thank you to the little people of the press world who spend their time writing up reviews, creating polls, conducting interviews, and doing what they can to provide content and fun when there often times isn’t any.

Thank you to the reactors and analyzers, who take the time to film their love (or grievances), edit, and post them week after week.

Thank you to the update accounts whether it be for an individual actor, a ship, or a general update account for tirelessly keeping fans up to date on any and every little thing.

Thank you to the fan-artists and the video makers and the fanfic writers for sharing your talent and spending hours upon hours perfecting your art for the simple satisfaction of sharing it with people who love this show as much as you do.

Thank you to those who simply watch, who tell their friends about it. Thank you to those who kill themselves voting in polls in a show of support for their favorites, who use the hashtag. Thank you to those who have grown weary and tired but are still sticking around because you just can’t help it and also to those who had to leave because it became to be just too much.

Thank you to everyone who has ever put your faith and love in to this show because they saw something special. Thank you for every ounce of support and passion you’ve ever invested.

You do all of these things, not because somebody asked you to or because you felt obligated or because you were being paid to. You did it because you cared and that was enough.

You are seen,you are valid, and even if nobody else ever says it, I will.

Thank you.

The 100 returns May 20th, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW

Heather Mason
Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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  1. Thank you so much, those are such well-put words – and they are needed in crazy times like this to keep the spirit

  2. Thank you so much, those are such well-put words – and they are needed in crazy times like this to keep the spirit

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