Days of our Lives Spoilers: April 19-23, 2021

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: "Days of our Lives" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

It’s a wild week in Salem as feelings are confessed, hearts are broken, and Charlie Dale’s murderer is revealed. Find out what happens in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of April 19, 2021.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Scammers be Scamming

 Paulina is less than thrilled that, after cutting her daughter, Chanel, off and issuing the edict that she find gainful employment and support herself, Chanel finesses her way into a marriage with Xander Kiriakis. Thinking she’s about to live the good life (she saw Xander’s work badge and thinks he’s still CEO of Titan) Chanel is in for a rude awakening as Xander informs her of her major miscalculation. Paulina is even more upset about the marriage after Abe gives her the lowdown on Xander and his long and sundry list of crimes. Paulina turns to Lani for help with her misguided daughter, but finds she may need the help herself by week’s end after Xander and Chanel team up to scam affluent Paulina. Will she go down without a fight?

More Days of our Lives Spoilers:

  • Claire has a realization about Allie
  • Charlie’s murderer is revealed! 
  • Belle finds herself on the hot seat 
  • Tripp has a touching surprise for Steve and Kayla
  • Gwen makes a decision about her baby
  • Chad and Abigail argue about Gwen
  • Chad owns up to his actions
  • Theo questions Ciara about their kiss
  • Abigail has an emotional breakdown with Kayla
  • Ben is shocked to learn Ciara’s leaving Salem with Theo!
  • Brady confesses his feelings for Chloe!
  • Sami orders Lucas to seduce Chloe. 
  • Lucas tells a whopper of a lie to make inroads with Chloe
  • Gabi is upset when she hears about Jake’s plans
  • Vivian plays hardball with Kristen
  • Kristen, disguised as Susan, tries to get Kate away from Jake

Source Sneak Peek: DAYS Edition – Week of April 26 2021

Philip takes Gabi home to make love. Ben tries to prevent Ciara from leaving Salem. Belle accuses Sami of framing her for Charlie’s murder.

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