Space House: A Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls Crossover Event Review

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While this isn’t the first time the Teen Titans have crossed paths with the DC Super Hero Girls, this is the first time they’ve interacted in a multi episode miniseries event. The first time the two DC superhero teams met was on a special episode of Teen Titans Go titled “Superhero Feud” where Control Freak pulled them into their TVs to play a game of Family Feud. They worked together to try and return to their worlds.

In an opening very reminiscent of the Teen Titans Go! Island Adventures miniseries, and again extremely catchy, we see the set up to the miniseries as the opening titles. The Titans get an invitation to go on a vacation to a house in space. While on board the space house, the DC Super Hero girls show up, having also received an invitation. Neither group knows who sent it or why, but they’re excited for their space house adventures.

In the first part, the Titans settle into the space house and try to figure out why they are there. We get a nod to the ongoing Burger vs Burrito debate on the show as they explore all the offerings the house has. They meet the house AI program S.H.A.D.I. and the DC Super Hero Girls show up. Both teams are happy they don’t have to fight each other. As they explore the house, they run into a mysterious creature that they try to track and get rid of. Robin gets infected by the creature and we learn that poor Starro was also invited to the space house, but the teams eject him from the premise. We also got a fun interaction between Batgirl and Robin as they try to show off their superior detective skills in their continuing rivalry. 

In part 2, heavily featuring Beast Boy and Green Lantern, Beast Boy becomes infatuated with Jessica’s ring. She shares with the teams how much the ring means to her, only for Beast Boy to try and steal it from her while reciting her Green Lantern oath. The ring accidentally falls into Zatanna’s hat which leads part of both teams to follow in and try to rescue it. Beast Boy increasingly becomes unhinged, morphing into a Gollum like character in a Lord of the Rings gag. In a meta moment, half of both teams decide to stay in the house and let the others have their moment. As a fan of all things Green Lantern, this was one of my favorite parts, even if Jessica didn’t lose her Green Lantern suit once the ring was off her finger. It’s just a minor mythology error! 

Part 3 saw Cyborg, Supergirl, Starfire and Wonder Woman have to devise a plan to protect the house from an impending “meat-eor” impact. This leads into a funny Armageddon parody which sees the team up group have to try and stop the meat-eor before it’s too late. They run through possible scenarios in a hologram simulator, but they end up having to go with the Armageddon plan where one member has to stay behind to manually blow up the asteroid to save mankind, or in this case, the space house and two teams on it. While I had predicted the ultimate outcome of the set up, it was still funny to watch them play it out.

In the final part, (and since there’s only so much continuity in series, Cyborg is back together after the events of the previous part) the teams finally learn the truth behind why they were brought to the space house. Brainiac is on a mission to collect every super hero from the multiverse. We see multiple other space houses together with different characters in their various animation styles from other previous animated DC series. We see both heroes and villains scattered. The Titans and Super Hero Girls convince Brainiac that he has to grow up and stop collecting super heroes. In the end, the teams are freed and continue off into space aboard the space house.

While there’s no real conclusion, we can hope that one day we can revisit the space house adventures as with these shows there is limited continuity between episodes and miniseries events. We’ve seen this especially with The Night Begins to Shine miniseries and now they will be getting their own spinoff The Night Begins to Shine series! 

As with most Teen Titans Go! Episodes, the stakes are fairly low but always entertaining. If you come in expecting OG Teen Titans quality and content, you’re in the wrong place. This miniseries event was a fun way to have the two DC Superhero teams come together. Each episode featured and focused on a different lineup of the two teams, showing off fun interactions between them. With them confirming the ability for the two teams to meet up again due to the multiverse, along with the other animated series versions of characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them meet up again in another miniseries event capacity. 

Having similar humor styles in both series allowed for the episodes to feel natural. The chaotic energy of Teen Titans Go! was balanced by the more grounded but still quirky humor of DC Super Hero Girls. You can’t really knock the event as Teen Titans Go never really takes itself seriously. The show knows they’re not trying to be more than a fun scenario to show off these well known DC characters in the same place. It was just a fun excuse to have these two teams together, interacting and getting into funny situations. Random side note, but I still laugh at the fact that the crossovers never address the fact that Bumblebee was a part of the Teen Titans team for a while on Teen Titans Go! but just roll with DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee being different. 

My favorite parts were the parodies that they often engage in on Teen Titans Go! We got a Lord of the Rings parody and Armageddon parody in the same miniseries event. The way they constantly pop into pop culture moments is one of the reasons I love the series. The addition of the DC Super Hero Girls was a fun way to introduce them to the Teen Titans Go! audience if they haven’t already watched that series. I always think of these two shows as superhero sitcoms and it clearly showed true here in this miniseries event. 

All of this is just in time for the brand new season of DC Super Hero Girls! Cross promotion at its finest! The new season kicks off with two episodes Sunday, June 6 at 8 on Cartoon Network. The rest of the season will continue to unfold every week at the same time. 

Not only is the new second season of DC Super Hero Girls premiering on Sunday. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is out on Nintendo Switch today! This is the first video game adventure for the girls and looks like it will be a fun game featuring all of the girls as they team up to protect Metropolis. 

You can stream Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls on Netflix and Cartoon Network. Teen Titans Go!, including the Space House miniseries event, can be streamed on Cartoon Network and season 1-5 on hulu.

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