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ATWT Previews: Week of November 24


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 24

Luke’s drinking continues to get worse as the Snyders celebrate Thanksgiving.

ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 24

Friday, November
21, 2008, 2:40 PM

A Time For Thanks?

Lily takes her girls to see Lucinda at the hospital and is surprised to see that Lucinda is being released. Lucinda insists that she wants to spend Thanksgiving at the farm. Holden notices that Luke is unhappy. He tries to cheer him up but fails. Holden finds Noah and invites him to dinner. No one seems to notice that Luke is drinking beer from his coffee cup. Noah arrives and Luke’s spirits rise. When he finds out that Holden invited him, Luke’s happiness is quickly doused. When Lucinda and Brian arrive, Luke grows increasingly uncomfortable. During dinner, Luke ignores Brian and more than one person notices. After dinner, Noah tries to find out why Luke is acting the way he is but doesn’t get an answer because Brian interrupts. When Brian discovers that Luke is drinking, Luke dares him to tell on him.

Meanwhile, Jack is bringing Sage to the farm for Thanksgiving. Carly is nervous because of Janet. Jack informs Carly that Sage has to get used to it. Once at the farm, Sage’s unhappiness shows and she will not apologize to Janet. Janet goes to Carly’s and invites her to the farm. Carly doesn’t want to go, but eventually gives in. Sage is thrilled to see her mother and takes note on how she acts around Janet. Sage overhears Carly tell Lily that Janet was the one that invited her to the farm. Will Sage finally apologize?

Twisted Love

Emily tries to convince Paul to join her in her plot to get rid of Josie. Meg overhears and asks the two what they are discussing. Emily tells Meg she is trying to get Josie to leave town and Paul won’t help her. Later Paul admits to Meg that he did help Emily out but it backfired. Meg forgives him for not telling her sooner. Paul and Meg later run into Dusty and Josie who have arrived back from Tampa. Josie wonders about the relationship between Dusty and Meg. Dusty admits that Paul is jealous of his and Meg’s relationship.

Josie decides to prepare an anti-Thanksgiving meal when Paul shows up. Paul is angry with Josie for not returning his calls. Paul reveals that he hired the woman to get close to Dusty by acting like Jennifer. Josie insists that she will stop because she is finding herself falling in love with Dusty. Paul scoffs, stating that Dusty is incapable of love. Paul instructs that she ups the stakes. When Paul leaves for the farm for Thanksgiving dinner, Josie is left with a decision. Should she reveal her true feelings for Dusty or continue with Paul’s plan? She may not have a choice when a phone call comes in with a lead on Lucy and Johnny.

Oakdale Happenings

Jack and Janet announce their wedding date…Paul and Meg reveal the name of their little girl…Brad and Katie visit Henry in jail. They go to Chicago to try to find Spencer. They track her to when she lives, but she isn’t there. They call Dani who says she will be right there. Dani promises to investigate and not tell Margo. Dani places a call and understands exactly what she has to do…Alison suggests that Casey tell Margo and Tom about the expulsion as the holidays are a forgiving time. Casey will, but only if Alison comes with him. She agrees and once there they run into Emily who is there to pick up Daniel. Casey insists that Alison stay for dinner and Daniel insists that Emily stay as well. Tension is thick and it explodes when Casey drops his bombshell. Everyone is yelling and Casey and Emily both end up outside. Casey rejects Emily’s advances. Emily ends up very sad and very alone.

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