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GL Previews: Week of December 8


GL Spoilers: Week of December 8

Shayne (played by Jeff Branson) returns to Springfield and lands in trouble already.

GL Spoilers: Week of December 8

Thursday, December 4, 2008, 12:40 PM

The Prodigal Son Returns

Shayne arrives home and spies on Josh, Reva and Jeffrey. He doesn’t let them see him. Shayne also notes that Marina has moved on with Mallet. Mallet tells Dinah that he did love her, but he has moved on. Shayne runs into Mallet, who doesn’t know Shayne and the two argue. Marina gets upset over the fact that she is going to get married without her family present. Shayne takes a drink. Marina and Mallet share a close moment before leaving. Dinah discovers Shayne in his wheelchair. Marina takes a call and is informed that Company has been broken into. Marina and Mallet race back to Company only to discover that their families have gathered along with Josh. Marina realizes that all along, this was exactly what she was searching for. Shayne watches as the wedding is about to begin unaware that Dinah is watching him trying to figure out who he is. Daisy arrives with Grady in tow. Dinah grabs Grady as Frank tells Daisy that Grady is not welcome. Dinah confronts Grady about framing Bill. Grady tells Dinah he did her a favor and heads into Company which immediately causes tension. Frank realizes that it’s Marina’s and Mallet’s day and relents, but Daisy is still upset. She rushes out and Mallet runs after her. However, Mallet runs into Dinah who tells Mallet that she couldn’t stay away. Mallet hugs Dinah as Frank and Marina start to argue. Marina heads outside and is stunned to see Shayne.

Shayne tells Marina that he isn’t there for her but to tell her that she’ll never be happy married. Marina then spots Dinah and Mallet together. She goes inside and Mallet soon follows. Neither one of them mention that they were just with their exes. Just as Josh is about to start the wedding, Shayne crashes the wedding with Dinah right behind him. Shayne immediately starts arguing with Mallet. Josh is stunned to see his son. When everyone starts to fight, Frank arrests Shayne and Dinah for disturbing the peace. Marina assures Mallet that Shayne doesn’t love her, he has just been through so much. Frank tells them that Shayne and Dinah are in jail. Marina questions Mallet about seeing Dinah. The two decide not to get married that night. Meanwhile Shayne tells Dinah that he is over Marina. Shayne gets released and Dinah is left in jail, alone. Dinah tells Marina that Shayne has gotten out because he has a family that loves him, unlike Dinah. Marina pays Dinah’s bail even though she believes that Dinah made Shayne break up the wedding. Mallet finds Marina and passionately tells her that they belong together and takes her to the courtroom, where their family is gathered. The two marry, while an unseen Dinah sadly watches.

Springfield Happenings

Jeffrey senses that Reva is nervous about the chemo. Josh is shocked when Reva tells him that she has Leukemia. Jeffrey admits his fear of becoming a father and also his fear of Reva’s cancer. Reva tells him that they have each other. Jeffrey introduces Reva to a girl who’s mother was diagnosed with leukemia when she was pregnant. The mother underwent chemo during her pregnancy and both are in perfect health. Reva thanks Jeffrey for giving her the hope she needed. Reva is stunned when she spots a wheelchair bound Shayne.

Alan discovers that Lizzie and Bill left town and he blames Beth. Alan senses that something is different with Beth and she leaves for the library. Beth runs into Coop and tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone. The next morning, she panics. Beth tells Coop that they have to cool it, but Coop clearly doesn’t want to end things. Alan tells Beth that he is trying to understand her and feeling guilty, she tells him she will spend more time at home. Christina gets upset with Remy when he gives her Mel’s MCAT study guides. She asks for a divorce. The two decide to discuss the divorce over dinner, much to Mel’s delight.

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