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ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 5

Dusty and Lucy risk their freedom to help Johnny.

Oakdale Happenings

While on a shopping spree with Lily, Jade questions her about Brian. Later, Jade lets Lucinda know she is married to a man who is gay. Brian confesses he has made a few passes at Luke, and Lucinda makes the decision to kick him out. Casey accidentally comes upon Henry at his book signing. Later, Vienna and Henry discover by acting out some of the more sexy portions of the book, they begin to sell a lot more books.

Risking Everything to Save Johnny

Craig is distracted while Katie and Johnny come in to the hospital for the bone marrow transplant that can save Johnny’s life. Katie refuses to go ahead with the transplant unless she gets to speak with Brad. Katie enlists Brad to take Craig to lunch to keep him distracted. While at lunch, Brad cannot resist the urge to confront Brad about Katie giving him an alibi. At the hospital, Lucy and Dusty make a deal to go with Johnny for his treatments in Chicago. Katie overhears their conversation and feels guilty about Craig not knowing about Johnny’s illness. While Dusty tries to form a bond with Johnny, Katie tells Craig she knows where Johnny is. Craig storms into Johnny’s room surprising everyone. Lucy tells Dusty they have no choice but to change plans and keep Johnny in Oakdale. Craig pulls Lucy aside and tries to convince her he’s not a bad man like everyone says he is. Katie offers her bone marrow to save Johnny. Craig learns Lucy and Dusty have passports for them and Johnny, so he calls Margo and insists she arrest Lucy for kidnapping. Dusty has suspicions and send Lucy away from the hospital to keep her safe. He asks Josie to keep an eye on Craig. Craig tells Josie he is having Lucy arrested for kidnapping, while Dusty convinces Lucy to get out of town. Lucy agrees but makes him promise to make peace with Craig and says goodbye to Johnny. Margo arrives at the hospital and threatens to arrest Dusty and Josie for abetting a fugitive. Katie pleads to Margo to let them go, because they all have been through enough suffering.

We’re Just Friends

Cassie admits to Maddie he has feelings for Allison. Later, Casey and Allison encounter each other in the park and he almost admits his feelings to her. Allison apologizes to Maddie for the trouble she caused on New Year’s Eve and reassuring Maddie she is not a threat, her and Casey are just friends. Maddie suggests she talk to Casey because that’s not what he says. Casey doesn’t admit to anything and goes along with Allison that they are just friends and nothing more.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/12

Lucinda has a hard time letting go.

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