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ATWT Previews: Week of December 8


ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 8

Craig reaches out to Dusty; Brad wonders why Katie won’t talk about her brother.

ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 8

Friday, December 5, 2008, 11:00 AM

Oakdale Happenings

Brad keeps asking Katie about Craig but she keeps changing the subject. Brad wonders why she won’t discuss her brother. Luke goes to see Brian’s ex wife after he spies Lucinda and Brian taking tango lessons. Luke confides in Noah. Brian confronts Luke about calling his ex wife, Carolyn. Noah and Luke grow closer. Noah goes to Jack’s bachelor party and Luke tries to convince Noah to get back together. Noah refuses and leaves the party. At the hospital; Alison is assigned to take care of a patient who is suspected of overdosing on drugs. Alison gets upset when she sees that it is Mark and she rushes out. Casey finds her and reassures her that she can do it. When Alison returns to Mark’s room, she discovers he is gone. Casey finds Mark on the roof. Mark is on the edge and ready to jump and Casey talks him down. Alison sees this and together they get Mark back to his room. Afterwards, Alison and Casey grow closer.

A Plan Gone Wrong

Dusty needs help and he reaches out to Emily. He needs her help in pleading self defense in the shooting of Paul. He asks that she help corroborate his story about Josie. Emily refuses to help Dusty. Dusty tells Barbara the truth about Paul. She refuses to believe the worst about her son. Paul needs to know if Emily is still on his side so he sneaks out to see her. Craig who is nearby with Dani, overhears Paul and Emily. Craig decides to pay a visit to Dusty and offers his assistance. Dusty refuses his help. Craig decides to bring Josie back to help Dusty anyway. All Dusty wants is for Meg to know the truth. Craig informs Dusty that he just wants to redeem himself. Dusty refuses to believe him. Meanwhile, Paul has a bad dream. Meg comforts him as best as she can. Josie goes to see Paul when Meg leaves. Paul tries to give Josie money so that she will leave. Will she stay and help Dusty out or leave town as Paul requests?

Weddings Plans

Needing money to finance his wedding to Janet, Jack informs Carly that he needs to take out a second mortgage on the house. Although Carly is upset, she eventually agrees. Janet overhears and decides that they shouldn’t have a wedding. Liberty sees that her mother is upset and wants to know why. She goes to see Parker. Parker offers to help by accessing his trust fund. When Carly finds out, she is furious. She accuses Jack and Janet of manipulating Parker to get their wedding at the Lakeview. Carly is forced to apologize when Janet hands her the money back. She had found out and gotten the money back. Jack tells Carly that the wedding is going to happen whether she likes it or not. After a night of parties, Jack and Janet exchange vows.

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