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DAYS Previews: Week of December 22


DAYS Spoilers: Week of December 22

The town of Salem celebrates Christmas this week on Days of Our Lives.


Christmas In Salem

Victor decides to offer Brady a job at Titan. Brady accepts. Nicole asks Brady for a large sum of money. He asks how much and she demands one million. He refuses to give her the money. Victor talks to EJ about Nicole. Nicole and Brady continue to argue. Nicole will stop at nothing to get a baby. Roman and Marlena are stunned to realize that EJ is still in love with Sami. There is no love lost between Brady and Phillip but the two decide to call a truce. Brady and Phillip get into a confrontation with Victor; little do they know that Victor has a huge surprise for the two of them.

Chelsea and Max visit Kate. Lucas senses the tension between Daniel and Chloe. Daniel and Chloe try desperately to hide their growing feelings for each other. But Daniel cannot stop thinking about Chloe. Chelsea tries to ease the tension between Stephanie and Max. Stephanie is thrilled when Phillip tells her that he has a special Christmas present for her. Melanie is less than thrilled. Chelsea wants Victor to fire Melanie. Stephanie admits that she is uneasy with Max and Chelsea getting together.

Bo and Hope take some time to remember Zack. Bo continues to have visions. Hope thinks she knows why he is having visions. Bo begins to realize that his visions may be of Theo. Theo runs away and Abe and Lexie look for him. Abe and Lexie spend Christmas with the Bradys. Theo has no interest in his Christmas gifts. Doug reads a Christmas story to the children at the hospital.

Can’t Miss …

Melanie snags an invitation from the guilt ridden Max to the Brady Christmas party on Monday, December 22nd.

Stefano has a Christmas get together on Wednesday, December 24th.

It’s Christmas day in Salem on Thursday December 25th. Rafe tries to cheer Sami up with a Mexican Christmas.

Nicole dreams of killing Dr. Baker on Friday December 26th.

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