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ATWT Previews: Week of January 19


ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 19

Meg and Paul come to terms on their divorce.

Oakdale Happenings

Vienna and Dusty arrange a meeting between Brad and Katie so they can repair their marriage. Meg tries to get Craig to confess to his role in the explosion that almost killed Paul. With some convincing from Josie, Paul agrees to sign the divorce papers if Meg will agree to let him see Eliza. Dusty punches Craig when he gets near Johnny and Lily bails him out. Two Oakdale couples get engaged while another one gains a daughter.

Rules of Engagement

Jack is livid when he catches Parker talking to Craig. Immediately blaming Carly for bringing the man into their lives, he blasts Carly for her poor choices. Carly recants that it’s her life now, not Jack’s. Upon hearing that Jack has made Carly upset, Craig goes to confront him, unaware that Janet is already urging her new hubby to just let Carly be.  Jack sees that the more he pushes, the more Carly defies and apologizes to her. Assuming it was Craig that played a role in Jack’s change of heart, she thanks him and Craig in turn boasts that if she were his wife, he’d treat her right.

Carly accepts Craig’s marriage proposal. Later, Craig calls everyone to Metro and announces he and Carly are engaged, infuriating and embarrassing Carly. Heated, she tells her new fiancée that if the only reason for the engagement was to tick Dusty off, then he can leave. Craig shuts her up when he smirks that he knows she accepted to tick Jack off, so they’re even.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/26

Lily and Holden clash over Carly. Jade gets an unusual job offer.

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