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DAYS Previews: Week of January 19


DAYS Spoilers: Week of January 19

It’s a bittersweet reunion as John and Marlene reunite and depart Salem.



Like Secrets & Lies Through the Hourglass…

After landing an audition in Vancouver, Chloe decides to use it as an opportunity for a get away with Lucas. However, After Lucas gets a call from Sami in a panic he tells Chloe he can’t go. Meanwhile, Daniel decides to tell everything to Lucas, but in the end decides to bite his tongue.

Nicole tries to figure out a way to not only get a baby but pull off faking giving birth. She gets her shot when Chloe turns to her and tells her everything – even that Sami is pregnant – and the father is EJ – and her location! Later in the week Chloe & Daniel are once again almost busted.

Upon Hilda’s death, Rafe decides to get Sami to a safer place. He takes her to the convent, where Nicole overhears Sami thanking the Nunnery for taking her baby in and Nicole decides to use the situation to her advantage. Just what is her plan…..? Also, Rafe comes face to face with the killer. Are the woman and babies safe?

John Black, Man of Memories?

As Brady & Marlena watch the tape of John’s session, they realize he did in fact remember his life and Charlotte lied to him. Kayla urges John to end his status with Charlotte, and he decides not to continue therapy. Charlotte realizes that her computer had been hacked and decides to confront Marlena. Brady & John have a heart to heart where he tells him Charlotte has been lying to him. He goes to Marlena, and gets to her just in time to save her from being injected with a toxin.

John ends up getting stabbed with the syringe and ends up collapsing. Marlena tends to him as Bo & Hope arrest Charlotte. At the hospital Kayla tells Marlena that John has had a major stroke. Keeping by his side, she fills him in about the life they led together. When he came too – he remembered it all. Too bad he was now paralyzed from the next down. Marlena, like always, sticks by his side. The two exchange wedding vows before leaving town.

Can’t Miss

{xtypo_sticky}Rafe and Sami learn Hilda was murdered on Monday, January 19th

Marlena tries to save John’s life on Wednesday, January 21st

Nicole learns Sami is pregnant with EJ’s baby on Thursday, January 22nd

John may have recovered his memories, but his physical state remains grim on Friday, January 23rd


Coming Soon: Week of January 26th

TVSource Magazine begins it’s increased Days of Our Lives spoiler coverage the week of January 26th. Here’s a sneak peek at things to come in Salem:


  • Nicole is infuriated when she learns of Sami’s plans to keep EJ from knowing about his child. Nicole then makes plans of her own…
  • Bo has an unsettling vision of Hope.
  • When the killer becomes fed up with Rafe’s mind games, he vows to murder Sami’s children.
  • Phillip and Stephanie’s fun and romantic night ends prematurely when Phillip is called off on business.
  • Maggie gives Chloe some heartfelt advice about her relationship with Lucas.


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ATWT Previews: Week of January 19

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