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ATWT Spoilers: Week of April 20

Luke is led into Zac and Zoe’s trap by a fake text from Noah.

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{xtypo_sticky}At Damian’s request, Lily keeps Holden in the dark.

Katie gets a disturbing message.

Meg plays a dangerous game with Paul.

Carly has trouble ending her relationship with Craig.{/xtypo_sticky}


Noah tries to flee from Zac and Zoe but they stop him. When the group gets a ransom note demanding cash for Noah’s safe return, they head to the station. There, Luke and Holden blame Damian while Lily takes Damian’s side. Margo advises them not to pay the ransom and later reveals that the prints on the ransom note are a match to Damian’s. While Damian insists he’s innocent, Luke is led into Zac and Zoe’s trap by a fake text from Noah. Lily and Holden return home to find a new note saying that Luke has been taken captive, as well. They argue over whether or not to pay the ransom. Later, Lily provides surveillance footage showing someone breaking into Damian’s room and stealing stationery. Margo’s forced to let Damian go and he meets with Lisa. In her scrapbook of Grimaldi family events, he finds clippings about a murder and a photo of a woman with a Pisces necklace. Lily gets another note from the kidnappers and after Holden admits he’s worried about losing her too, she shows him the note, which gives details of the drop. Holden takes the note to Margo while Damian informs Lily that he needs her help with his plan to lure the kidnappers out of hiding. Lily wants to talk to Holden about it, but Damian quips that he knows Holden will nix the idea, so she must do this behind his back.


Lily goes under disguise. Holden foils Damian’s plan, which Lily’s life in more danger than it was. Meg sets up a plan of her own with Paul. Janet fears for Liberty’s safety around an emotional Parker. Dusty helps Lucy and in return, he asks for a favor. After a psychic hints around that Brad’s not the father of Vienna’s baby, Brad and Katie suggest having a genetics test done to confirm paternity and ensure genetic well-being of the child. Vienna refuses, but Henry tells her that if they have the test done, they can act oblivious to the revelation of Henry’s paternity and no one will know they knew. After taking a dangerously drunk and unconscious Parker to the hospital, Craig finds Carly drunk at home, having just been kicked out of Yo’s. At the hospital, Jack sees Carly and forbids her from seeing Parker while she’s still drunk. While Jack consoles Parker over Liberty, Carly breaks things off with Craig. Later, Craig can’t find a sitter for Johnny and uses it to his advantage, showing up to Carly’s with Johnny in tow, along with flowers and chocolates. Casey takes an elderly man home but along the way, the man throws the keys out the window, leaving Casey to call Alison for help. After the old man disappears, the couple finds him having lunch. He dances with Alison before leading her to Casey.

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