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DAYS Previews: Week of April 20


DAYS Spoilers: Week of April 20

The war between the Kiriakis’ and the DiMeras kicks into high gear.

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After Mia stops the wedding Dr. Baker grabs her and removes her before any damage can be done. After he informs her on the shady dealings of the DiMera family she is scared away. Nicole thinks the worst has passed and the wedding goes on. The moment after they exchange vows Sami walks in. As Nicole tries her best to draw attention away from Sami and stop the truth from coming out, Lexie informs everyone about Philip being shot. Upon hearing this news Sami doubts herself and leaves.

After the wedding Sami returns and she shares a moment alone with EJ. He tells her he will tell her the truth about Philip if she tells him the truth about why she almost stopped the wedding. Nicole almost interrupts the moment but Chloe stops her just in time. After Sami leaves once again, EJ & Nicole share a moment. He informs her they should cancel the reception and he is surprised to hear she already has. EJ & Stefano then talk about the hit on Philip as Nicole overhears it all.

Upon returning home EJ and Nicole celebrate being husband and wife. They both agree that they each have secrets they will never share with the other, and that’s ok. The two then make love for the first time as husband and wife. Meanwhile, Sami returns home to news that Rafe has left. Sami pleads for help from Roman who is able to track Rafe down to the airport. Sami is determined to stop him from leaving town and tell him how much he really means to her.

The next morning Mia calls Nicole demanding to see “her” baby. As Nicole comes down the stairs she overhears EJ and Stefano discussing the Philip situation. Stefano tells EJ they should expect retaliation from Victor and that it would be best if everyone just stayed in the mansion. Nicole is none to pleased, feeling like a prisoner. Stefano agrees to let her go with guards. When she meets Mia on the pier Mia holds Sydney, but is shocked not to feel a connection like she felt when holding Grace. As she runs off she cuts her arm and goes to the hospital to get it cleaned by Dr. Baker. Mia then confides in him about not feeling a connection and he informs her there is a good reason for that.


At the hotel Stephanie goes to freshen up after making love with Philip. Masi, the DiMera hit man, takes aim and shoots Philip. Stephanie cries out in horror and rushes to his side. Masi then goes to eliminate her as well but takes off in fear of being spotted. At the same Melanie finds a beaten up Brady on the pier. Both men are taken to the hospital and Victor soon arrives.

Philip then flat lines and Kate gives Daniel the ok for a risky operation, vowing that if Philip makes it she will drop her plan to ruin him and Chloe. As his family and friends await news Victor has a run in with Stefano. Kate interrupts them and lashes out at Stefano ultimately cutting all ties with Stefano, hurting him deeply. Philip wakes up and spends time with his loved ones. Victor promises Philip they will make the DiMera’s pay.

Bo follows Stefano to the Java Café where the men have a confrontation of their own. Bo informs him he will not let him get away with this nor will he let him finish the job. Stefano later returns home, but is stricken with pain. Later on Stefano returns to the Java Café where he learns the barista who served him quit. Could he have been poisoned? And if so by whom? As the week ends Brady declares his loyalty to Victor even if he doesn’t agree with the tactics. The two then run into EJ & Nicole in the pier. Victor issues a warning to Nicole and Brady and EJ get in each others faces.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday, April 20 – An attempt is made on Philip’s life.

Tuesday, April 21 – Nicole and EJ are wed with Chloe and Stefano present.

Wednesday, April 22 – Sami lets EJ believe she is in love with him.

Thursday, April 23 – Stefano starts to feel ill.

Friday, April 24 – Dr. Baker informs Mia there is a good reason for not feeling a connection to Sydney. {/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of April 27


  • Victor hints that Stefano may be the next victim in the DiMera and Kiriakis war.
  • Mia further connects with Grace.
  • Sami tries to convince him to stay in Salem as Rafe tells her why he won’t.
  • Stephanie opens up to Lexie about her fears.
  • Stefano tries to get out of town but is followed.
  • Chelsea finds out Max applied to med school in Chicago.
  • Sami is honest with Rafe when she asks him to stay.
  • EJ & Rafe face off over Sami.
  • Hope confronts Nicole.
  • EJ pictures Sami when having sex with Nicole.
  • Mia’s past comes back to haunt her.
  • Melanie learns of trouble between Stephanie and Philip.
  • Rafe meets up with an old friend.
  • Chelsea gets a call regarding Billie.


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