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ATWT Previews: Week of October 26


ATWT Spoilers: Week of October 26

Ralph puts even more lives in danger.


  • Katie rushes to introduce Brad to their son.
  • Jack has a hard time returning to work.
  • Dusty finds trouble when he tries to teach Ralph a lesson.
  • Lily continues to play into Damian’s plan.


Liberty breaks the news of her miscarriage to Paul and Emily. Emily’s more shaken than she lets on. Parker lets it slip to Liberty that it was his father that shot Brad. Holden and Lily continue to be torn apart. Lucinda has some harsh words for Maeve. Damian’s manipulations continue. Alison becomes jealous of Casey and Maddie’s recent closeness. Craig gets a gun pulled on him. Jack’s stunned at Katie’s reaction to his startling confession. Henry, however, gets a much different reaction from his old cohort. Dusty plays savior for yet another damsel in distress. Oakdale Now honors Brad’s memory. Ralph puts even more lives in danger.

Jack’s horrified that he shot his brother. At the hospital, everyone keeps Katie in the dark about her husband’s whereabouts. Katie sneaks into the next room after she sees Jack and Janet leaving. There, she finds an unconscious Brad. Meanwhile, Margo has let Audrey go, hoping she will take them to Ralph, who escaped at the warehouse. Instead, she asks Henry for her half of the Stenbeck fortune. Back at Memorial, Bob gives Katie a moment alone with Brad so she can tell him all about their newborn son. Brad says that he has a name picked out, but codes before he can give it. Hoping that seeing his son will bring him back, Katie rushes to get the baby, but returns too late.

Across town, Audrey loses her police tail and gets in a scuffle with Barbara, who purposely drops her cell phone in Audrey’s purse. At a gas station, Audrey fills up her tank before leaving town, spots Margo, and flees into the woods. Back in Oakdale, Jack has a panic attack when he and a fellow cop corner one of Ralph’s goons in an alley behind Yo’s. Ralph appears in Metro, requesting help from Teri. She goes to Memorial to get medical supplies for Ralph’s gunshot wound, where she runs into Dusty. He convinces her that her beloved “Uncle Ralphie” is dangerous. When Teri returns to Metro and begs Ralph to turn himself in, he pulls a gun on her. Dusty appears, wanting to talk, but doesn’t see Ralph. Teri drops hints that Ralph is there and Dusty leaves. As Ralph forces Teri to leave with him, Dusty waits outside the door.


  • Mike Kasnoff gives Jack a helping hand.
  • Meg finds incriminating evidence against Damian.
  • Mason gets the riot act from Luke.
  • Liberty and Janet adjust to life without Brad.
  • Rosanna has a proposal for Craig.

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