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ATWT Previews: Week of May 10


ATWT Previews: Week of May 10

Jack learns the truth but agrees to keep Dusty’s secret!


  • Janet is adamant about becoming independent.
  • Parker struggles with his guilt.
  • Emily and Eliza get into some trouble.
  • Noah wakes up from his surgery.

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Meg learns that she’ll need to undergo a psychological evaluation before being reinstated at the hospital. She asks Paul for help, thinking that he would be a good witness to her character as the father of her child. Paul admits that he will have to tell the truth, and that includes the details of her strange behavior at Fairwinds during her overnight visit. Meg cancels her appointment. She is sad to admit that when Paul is forced to choose between Emily and herself, Paul chooses Emily every time. On a tip, Emily goes to investigate Chase Carmody, a man she has written several articles about in the past. She goes, Eliza in tow, but is threatened by the man. She luckily escapes after fighting back. When she returns to the car she discovers that Eliza is missing from her car seat. Later, she meets Paul at the police station after calling him for help. There they find Emma with Eliza sitting in the interrogation room. Emma is furious that Eliza’s safety was in jeopardy. She knows that these recent turn of events will be good fodder against Paul and Emily at the next custody hearing.


Silas continues to come on to Molly, sending her an inappropriate package. Liberty happily finds out that she no longer needs radiation. Parker continues to struggle with the weight of his guilt despite his mother’s best coaching. On the verge of letting the details spill, he confides in Faith who agrees that he shouldn’t confess. Craig breaks down and opens up to Carly about his son. Carly convinces Jack that he must move out for the sake of their relationship. At the police station, Jack learns from a source that Rocco had no inheritance to speak of. He puts two and two together and realizes that Dusty has been fronting the money for Janet’s sake. Jack agrees to keep Dusty’s secret. Tom agrees to take on Craig’s case.

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