Valentine’s Day: The 14 Couples We Love

James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti

Nathan and Haley Scott – One Tree Hill (The CW)

Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott have survived everything. “Naley” as they’re affectingly referred to by their fans, have overcame Nathan’s hatred of his half-brother Lucas (and vice versa), bad high school wardrobes, teen marriage, school shootings, teen pregnancy, Chris Keller, a baby boy, music career, car accidents, life-threatening injuries, Dan Scott, Nanny freaking Carrie, the loss, gain and loss again of a professional sports career, Lucas and Peyton’s relationship, kidnappings, death, weddings, jumping off bridges, sports betting, alcoholism, another pregnancy – it never ends. And it’s still going on since Nathan is missing. They’ve loved each through many trials and tribulations without getting divorced or turning their backs on one another. They define what a tested super couple is all about. Their love helps them conquer adversity. Need we say more? This couple is one for the books.



  1. Agree with pretty much all of them (from the shows I watch), although when it comes to The Vampire Diaries I’m firmly rooting for Damon and Elena.

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