Sami Brady’s Top 10 Moments on ‘Days of our Lives’

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Sami Walks in on John & Marlena’s Affair

This scene is classic soap opera. When Sami walked in on John and Marlena having sex, it would forever change her and begin her downward spiral into a villain. This moment is what soaps are made of and still impacts the character today. It’s what happens when soaps are at its best, a story that continues to affect a legacy character and still drives great story.

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  1. Alison, Where did you get your green and black shirt you were wearing on May 13, 2013? Thanks

  2. Love Sami’s character on Days! I am so happy to see a return to the old Sami, I was starting to worry about the character when she was trying to be someone else than her true character. You are so much fun to watch lately, I love your creed “Do anything for anyone or anything to anyone.” You are not good and that’s not bad. Your passion for your work is heard by the hearts of your viewers. Take it to the mat for your man EJ.

  3. Since the Nick/Gabby wedding fallout Sami is written more in character than she has been for a long time, Days is again great soap these last weeks imo.

  4. Sweeney, first off yes you can call me Will. Secondly, thank you for everything. For putting so much into Sami for the past 20 years. For taking the time to not only interact with the fans but show us that you care. On a personal note, for getting me to spin class and for always saying hi when you spot me at an event and for so much more. You out your all into Sami and try to keep her consistent through many regimes and story. I admire how you never take a side in her pairings because you respect the show and the fans so much. I’ve grown up watching Sami, and it is an honor for you to say I get Sami as much as you do.

    This was truly my pleasure and I hope to do it again someday for Samis 40th anniversary. You have truly been phenomenal during this baby storyline playing yet another side of Sami: the fierce mama bear who is owning her mistakes and urging her son not to repeat them. Thank you for this reply, and ill believe you about the tear because I may have a not so crocodile one myself right now.

  5. thank you for this wonderful tribute to one of the best actresses EVER to me! 

  6. THAT is so cool to hear! 

  7. Will ( can I call you will? it’s most comfortable for me. lol) it means so much to me to have you pull this together for my anniversary. honestly… these flashbacks (having real-life flashbacks is weird, btw) remind me of so many special memories with the cast and crew… what it took to make those scene what they were… all those wicked story lines … trying to find Sami’s human side through it all… This collection totally validates to me, what I’ve always said – the original Sami, that Jim Reilly (RIP) developed in 1993 laid such deep-rooted character strengths and weaknesses in Sami, with strong motivation for each, that they have sustained the character through all the changes in TPTB over the last 20 years. 
    You can’t simplify it to any one moment or scene… it takes a collection to represent who Sami is. And I am so honored and proud that you put this together,… i think you get Sami just as much as I do. :) and that’s saying a lot.
    I hope to give you many headaches this year – scenes from 2013 that might require some shuffling in your Top Ten. :) (starting with the Sami smack down with Will demanding he be a father to his unborn child!) definitely some of my favorite scenes ever.so, after brushing the tear in my eye (sincerely, no crocodile-style, (cause no ones watching me type this at home in bed on my laptop anyway …))

  8. double post. sorry

  9. Great chosing moments soap TV source.
    Sami Brady is maybe the character who made me watch soaps with Brooke Logan.
    The first time i saw her i was hooked, the actress could be sometimes OTT (i was above all used to movies and prime time tv) but it is part of the genre and she had such charisma..i wanted to know what next for her and through all her schemes and ups and downs as a spunky tomboy then as a young woman and finally a real woman i kind of empathized with her.
    The death row story was maybe the more impactful moment for me, when she was about to die and her mother Marlena with who she had such a complex, tempestuous relationship with sang to her a childhood lullaby, it did mark me.

    These last years Days too much transitioned her from villainess to a grey character to become somewhat a soap heroine..which is a waste to me and a nonsense given her history, she should stay a grey character, three dimentional who can be flawed but aware of it and own it.
    Thank you Ali Sweeney to have given life to this memorable character.

  10. So site maintenance erased the previous comments? Boo! I hadn’t read them all. :( Well, thanks again for all the clips!! Remember each one and & I’m mentally ranking the wedding dresses in my mind. Lol. Definitely need to expand the list, and my votes would include Will’s 2nd birthday when Sami realizes Austin isn’t his father, Alan’s trial where Carrie becomes a witness for the prosecution, and the Daysaster episodes, which really made think of old school Days. As a Brami fan and a diehard EJami, I haven’t even named my faves of their scenes, and I’m sure Lumi and Safe shippers could throw in memorable moments as well. Top Fifty should be no problem!! Congrats to Ali on 20 years in Salem. :)

  11. I am a new viewer to Days & really enjoyed the background of Sami’s journey. From the first day I watched
    her she became my favourite. She is a real winner as an actress and is so very pretty. Because of Allison
    I am now watching The Biggest Loser.

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