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‘Lying Game’ Recap: Advantage Sutton

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Sutton managed to worm her way into switching places with Emma, who is now more alone than ever. One would think that when a drunken boy shows up on your doorstep, he’s just looking for a booty call. Sutton Mercer does not thinking this way. After a late night romp with Ethan, she was aghast when he called it a mistake the following morning. Ouch! As if that wasn’t enough of a blow, Ethan took Emma up on her offer to tutor him when he was in danger of getting kicked out of school. This furthered Sutton’s need to get rid of Emma, but Rebecca was quick to remind her that they were sisters and they’d all be living in the same house some day.

Unfortunately, Rebecca’s attempts to get Ted back are falling short. He doesn’t want anything to do with her, Laurel and Emma are working hard to get their parents back together, and Kristen finally agreed to go to marriage counseling. So it’s no surprise that Rebecca ordered Sutton to get back into the house and get Emma out of it. The two wagered the house and family over a game of tennis, which Emma forfeit when she heard Thayer was leaving town.

Thayer was so determined to get Alec for murder, but his plan backfired and caused Alec to get released. He was so upset that he packed his car and left town – but not without asking Emma to come along. She refused to leave the Mercers and the two were ripped apart by Thayer leaving. Damn you, Thayer!

Rebecca was also upset by Alec’s freedom. Turns out she’s the one who had the tire iron planted in Alec’s bag. This didn’t keep her from playing the role of the dutiful, relieved wife when Alec came home. Meanwhile, Laurel continued to be smitten with Jordan only to find him and Mads in one another’s arms.

Amid all the drama, Sutton reappeared at the Mercer’s to take her place. Emma sadly packed her bags and left, forced to be banished to the cabin. Any ideas on what Sutton’s going to do now that the bitch is back in town?

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  1. This is a good episode, but the whole Jordan and Mads situation was a little bit awkward. I did however enjoy the scenes that Ethan and Emma shared, because I really love them together. I watched this yesterday after finishing my shift at DISH. I have Thy Lying Game as well as my other shows set up on my Hopper. It can record up to six shows at once, so I never have to worry about the timers conflicting with each other.

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