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‘Switched at Birth’ Recap: Duel of Two Women

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It was a battle of bullies, boys, and brains in this week’s episode! The fighting between those who hear and those who can’t escalated so badly this week that Melody decided to take the students on a team building retreat in hope that they’d connect on another level. It’s so funny to me that the woman who dislikes when deaf and hearing mix together is leading this retreat. Seems a little misplaced, don’t you think?

The retreat went over with a few bumps, but worked out well in the end. Bay befriended a fellow pilot program student named Noah and learned the reason he’s at Carlton is because he’s in danger of going deaf due to a disease he has. The sparks are already flying between these two, which is a bummer for Emmett, who still wants to get back together with Bay. Of course, the sparks are also flying for Noah and Daphne. I’ll take him with either, please!

Now, the retreat wasn’t all about romance. Melody forced the students to talk about their feelings and why they dislike one another. Moments like these are why I really, really love this show and think it’s one of the most eye-opening on television. The deaf students got to explain how they feel like they have to accommodate the hearing and the hearing students got to explain they just because they hear, doesn’t mean they aren’t discriminated against or have lots of problems. It was definitely one of those grass isn’t always greener on the other side moments. It ultimately helped Bay with Natalie, and the two shared a sweet, friendly moment by the end of the episode.

Unfortunately, Bay wasn’t sharing the same kind of moment with Emmett, who told Bay that he didn’t want to just be her friend. If she wasn’t going to be his girlfriend, then he couldn’t be around her because it was just too hard. Kind of rude, if you ask me, considering he’s the one who slept with Simone and Bay has been adamant about the two staying just friends.

Things were just as complicated at home while Bay and Daphne were away. John and Katherine ran into a few bumps with his campaign, mostly because Katherine didn’t play the role of the dutiful wife during an interview and actually shared her opinions and her husband’s political beliefs. John was upset by this. Then again, when is John ever happy about something his wife does that isn’t his idea? Regina learned that her hand is so badly hurt that she’ll never be able to sign again. If she continues, it’ll be detrimental to her health and cause her hand to go completely numb. Melody was quite rude about this – forever judgmental that one. Who needs a friend like that? And Toby befriended Angelo’s pregnant one night stand, who confessed she is giving the baby up for adoption. Toby suggested she meet his family first and Bay, especially since she is technically the unborn child’s sister. Looks like next week’s family dinner is one we don’t want to miss!

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