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‘Days of our Lives’ November Sweeps Promo from ‘Day of Days’ Event

Photo: NBC

As always during the “Day of Days” Days of our Lives fan event at Universal City Walk, the event ends with a special trailer of upcoming scenes from the long-running NBC soap.This year was no different, as the show previewed the climax of many stories heading into the coming months.


In the aftermath of Kristen’s deception, those closest to Eric are determined to make her pay. As Kristen prepares to leave town, she ends up in a terrible accident! Meanwhile, just because the truth is out, doesn’t mean all is well within the Brady family.

Relationships are shattered and Families are torn apart

Eric is furious with Marlena for showing the film publicly. Eric seeks Nicole’s forgiveness for accusing her of rape, but Nicole can’t (or won’t) give it to him. EJ and Sami’s relationship is on the rocks thanks to EJ’s knowledge of Kristen’s schemes. Maggie leaves Victor due to the role he played in exposing Kristen.

Theresa’s parents, Shane and Kimberly, return to Salem. Rafe and Jordan grow closer, much to the chagrin of Kate. Gabi informs Will and Sonny that she’s moving to New York, unaware that Nick set everything into motion. His obsession with her has grown to the point where he attacks her! Gabi hits Nick in the head with a rock while fending off his advances.

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  1. We need Eileen Davidson to come back on Days Of Are Lives. She was great an the ratings will go down with out her on the show.

  2. man its all good!!!! cant wait to see it all. love you days. <3

  3. Sounds like some exciting times ahead for Days of our Lives! Looking forward to it.

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