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‘The Bay’ Chapter 12 Part 4 – Love Is Strange

Will (Derrell Whitt) and Lianna (Jade Harlow). Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

#MayBay came to a close as Chapter 12 of The Bay ended with romance, scandal, and a big reveal. The final part of the chapter did not disappoint.

The Cop and the Prostitute

Lex is at Patrick’s Roadhouse when Lianna waltzes in wearing…well let’s just call her outfit her “work clothes.” She comes on to Lex but he doesn’t take the bait. “Take your size zero ass and peddle it somewhere else.”

As she leaves, Matthew (Thor Knai) bumps into her and tells her that Damien is in the hospital. Lianna is worried about Damien and wants to see him. Later as she is walking the street, she receives a premonition from a strange man. “Stay away from all those who trouble your heart. Be wise. Give your heart to the one, the man in blue.”

Will gives something to Lex that was found at the raid of Steve’s party. It looks suspicious and, knowing how Lex feels about Sara, he thought Lex would want to look at it. It’s a folder containing important looking documents.

After leaving, Will runs into Lianna and tells her that she shouldn’t be out on the streets after her night in jail. She notices his blue uniform and kisses him. He kisses her back!

Though Will and Lianna’s kiss was surprising, it wasn’t completely out of left field. Will and Lianna are friends and do care about each other. They also give each other something the other one needs. Lianna needs someone who is strong and protective. Will provides that for her and I think Will wants someone he can provide that for.

Will is good for Lianna but is she good for him? It will be interesting to see how others react to them as a couple. I imagine that many will wonder why Will would want to get involved with the troubled Lianna.

Jeter Forever

I find the romance between Janice and Peter to be very unique. It’s not just a typical cougar tale. While it seemed at first that the couple’s attraction was purely physical, it has grown into something more.

Peter is mature for his young age. If he were to date someone “age appropriate,” it would feel ridiculous. He needs someone who his mind can connect with. This is what attracts him to Janice.

Peter doesn’t act like a boy. He acts like a man and I think this is what attracts Janice to him. He’s a grown-up and isn’t afraid to take charge or fight for her. It’s the type of romance that she craves.

As Janice is drunk and crying, Peter tells her “I don’t ever want to see a tear on your face.” “I’m a mess. I’m just a mess. I’m sorry,” she responds. “Don’t ever apologize. It’s going to be okay,” he tells her. Swoon!

Justice or Revenge?

John comes to the hospital chapel and is upset that Katherine is choosing religion to deal with their son’s predicament. While she is sad and hopeful, he is angry and vengeful. He blames his father Jack for his mother’s death and now for keeping Steve out of jail. John swears he will kill Jack if their son dies.

I can’t wait to for John to come face to face his sister Sara. John obviously hates her because of their father. Jack is bending the rules to help save Sarah’s husband while John’s son lies in a hospital bed.

Father Leone (Vincent De Paul) hears John’s threat. He’s been told a lot of dark secrets lately. I wonder if that will be important later.

Meanwhile, Elliot is still very much haunted by his daughter’s death and quite literally so. While drunk and alone he sees an apparition of her. “Don’t cry daddy. I love you. I love you so much,” Isabella says as they reach out for each other. Isabella was not an innocent but her father still sees her that way.

Elliot feels responsible for Isabella’s death. He couldn’t keep her safe even though it is his job to keep people safe. I can’t help but think he is eventually going to take John up on his offer. Elliot’s motivation is different than John’s. He wants justice for his daughter rather than revenge.

For Love or Money

Marisa a.k.a Orchid is a fascinating character. Her stalking of Jack seems to have little to do with with love or obsession. It feels like blackmail. So why is she tormenting him? My guess is she wants the respectability she feels he can give her.

In a way Sofia is somewhat like Orchid. She is the sweet Southern debutant wife and her marriage to Jack allows her to continue in that role. Though she loves him, she may love the status he provides more. I wonder what kind of effect Jack’s affair would really have on her if or when everything comes to light. Will she leave him and everything else that being a mayor’s wife provides for her? Or would she be more willing to forgive and most importantly forget?

The Puppetmaster

Though having the mayor for a father-in-law does come in handy, Steve’s blackmail of Sara has less to do with status as it does with him trying to create what in his twisted mind is the perfect family. He wants Sara’s kids to treat him like their father. When Marly makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him, he tells Sara she needs to fix it. This guy sure likes to pull everyone’s strings. I predict at some point one of his puppets is going to break free and turn on him.

Unlike the typical soap opera villain, Steve has no redeeming qualities. I think a lot of the time soaps feel that a character has to been redeemed in order to stay relevant. In contrast to the character of Jack (who I love) that Matthew Ashford played on Days of Our Lives, the fact that Steve is a rapist and all around bad guy is not excused in any way. I think this makes Steve a good character. The audience is allowed to hate him.

Oh No She Didn’t!

At the end of the episode, Lex finds out what Steve has been using to blackmail Sara. As predicted, Sara did something very bad. Unlike Steve, Sara is not an evil person and what Lex finds shocks him.

Sara is more of a survivor than a victim and I think this is why she did what she did. Right now we only have a tease of what happened but I suspect as the story unfolds and we get the motivation behind her actions, all will not be as it seems. The way Sara reacts to tough situations are direct results from her tragic past. Can’t wait to find out more about what happened and why.

Watch The Bay written and directed by Gregori J. Martin now at: Use the hashtags #MayBay #TheBay and follow the series on Twitter and Instagram at @TheBaytheSeries.

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