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‘Beacon Hill’ Series Review – Surprise!

‘Beacon Hill’ star Jessica Morris (Diane). Photo courtesy of Bella Productions

Last week the audience finally met the Senator’s wife Evelyn. This week it was Sara’s turn to be introduced to her young step-grandmother. “We never really got a chance to meet. You missed the wedding,” Evelyn says. Sara says it all happened so fast. “I guess people don’t really understand our relationship. I love your grandfather and he loves me,” Evelyn explains.

Sara tells Evelyn it is hard for her to think of her grandfather as a romantic and that she is glad that Evelyn at least understands him when nobody else does. Of course Sara doesn’t realize that this isn’t really true. Evelyn feels just as trapped as the rest of them but is too ashamed to admit it. As strange as it may seem, I kind of hope that these two eventually become friends. I think they could both use someone who understands them.

Sara and Evelyn’s chat is interrupted by a call from Sara’s angry editor Martin. He is upset that she doesn’t have a story yet. Sara says she is working an angle right now and then visits Katherine. Is Sara trying to get the scoop on Katherine?

Sara is hoping that Katherine and her can reconnect. Katherine is a little hesitant at first. She says it makes it awkward for her because Sara is a reporter now. It sends her a red flag. Sara reassures Katherine. “You weren’t just my lover Kate. You were my best friend. I miss that. I miss us.”

While the former lovers reminisce, Diane has come to town looking for Sara. She’s frustrated because she can’t find Sara anywhere and Sara is not answering her cell phone. She has brought a newspaper with a picture of Katherine on the front page with the caption “Is This The Next MA Senator?” Does she suspects that Sara may be rekindling things with her old flame?

There is a surprise at the end of episode. I won’t give anything away but the season does end on a cliffhanger that will surely have a major impact on season two.

I feel the main purpose of Beacon Hill’s first season was to introduce the characters, setting, and tone of the series. The character driven storytelling has laid a nice foundation for the next season. I feel like I know these fictional people very well yet have so much more to learn about them at the same time. This is a beautifully done web series.

If you haven’t had a change to to watch Beacon Hill, it is available on their website The series is available by subscription only at the price of $9.99 and it’s worth every penny.

Watch Beacon Hill and hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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