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‘Grimm’ Season 4 Finale Review: ‘Cry Havoc’

GRIMM -- "Cry Havoc" Episode 422 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

“Headache,” last week’s episode of Grimm made a mess of me, but “Cry Havoc,” the fourth season’s final episode obliterated what was left of that mess. Before I try and put myself back together to cover the finale, I’ll have to catch you up on the previous episode. As I predicted, Renard was responsible for the Jack the Ripper copycat murders that culminated in Henrietta’s demise. When his mom brought him back to life, the Ripper came back with him. An exorcism consisting of a potentially lethal potion and rubber bullets sorted things out, but while the gang dealt with that, other big stuff was happening. Namely, a series of major returns took place. Thanks to Monrosalee, Trubel made a welcome return, but she wasn’t the only Grimm back in Portland. Nick’s mom, Kelly, returned with Diana—magically aged just a bit—in tow. Her return, due to Juliette and Kenneth’s devious machinations, is a brief one and ends with her head left in a box for Nick a la that ‘90s Brad Pitt flick Seven. If anything cements Juliette’s heel turn, it isn’t setting the trailer ablaze or the near fatal encounter at the spice shop. Nope. It’s her part in the murder of her former beloved’s mother.

That’s where the “Cry Havoc” picks up. I’ll warn you now; I’m going to be praising David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch a lot in this piece. They’ve both been stepping up their game moving towards season’s end and I’m going to gush about it. Nick’s immediate reaction to finding his mother’s head in a box is heartbreaking. He cries out and can then barely move, but fortunately Trubel and Hank are with him to provide necessary—and life saving—support for our hero. Clearly leaving a head in a box is a trap, so the trio haul ass while Kenneth is on the phone with Rispoli essentially signing all of their death warrants. Juliette’s almost expressionless face when Kenneth calls for the death of her former friends is unnerving, especially as she strokes young Diana’s hair. A posse of Hundjägers storms Nick’s home, but our heroes manage to escape.

Rispoli isn’t pleased and sends his Verrat agents after them. Nick wants to go back and fight, but Hank and Trubel talk some sense into him and Nick instead decides he wants to see the body of the Hundjäger that Trubel handled earlier. It looks like our boy has a plan. Unfortunately, the Royals’ plan is much further along. Kenneth and Juliette arrive at a fancy shmancy mansion to drop off Diana while the good guys track down that headless corpse. Nick postulates that Adalind probably knows where they are, which surprises Adalind, but they push forward and retrieve the head. Meanwhile, Wu arrives just in time to provide a place to stash it: the trunk of a police car. As Nick slams the car trunk shut, he declares that we’re doing it his way. No more Mr. Nice Grimm, y’all!

Back at the spice shop, Monrosalee and Renard have no clue what’s been happening. Renard’s not thrilled with the lingering pain from the rubber bullets, but he’s even less happy with the guilt he feels over the death of Henrietta and the two Wesen prostitutes. Renard is also in charge of finding the killer, which places him in quite the bind. Monroe observes that the problem is he needs somebody to pin things on. Anybody else thinking Kenneth—a tall good looking douchebag with a British accent—might be perfect for the role? We’ll get back to that later, but he’s definitely who I’d pin things on if I needed a smarmy scapegoat. While Renard ponders his options, Nick arrives at Bud’s place with Hank and Trubel. Bud is delightfully awkward and Trubel compliments the bat he was going to use to defend himself and Adalind from any threats he had fallen asleep waiting for. Nick gives a clipped explanation of what happened to Kelly and Diana; Adalind is quick to spill what she knows. Nick hatches a plan and also fills Trubel in on more of the latest goings on. Pretty soon the gang splits up and things really get moving.

Back at the Royals’ rented McMansion, Kenneth introduces Juliette and Diana to King Frederick. Promises are thrown around and magically growing toddlers are hugged. However, when Rispoli calls and gets put on speaker, reality hits the fan. Nick and company escaped. Cue a sad tuba noise as Frederick berates Kenneth and then sends him off to handle Nick solo. Frederick wants to have a sit down with Juliette, so they do, while Adalind uses her hotel room card to slip back into the bad guys’ fancy hotel headquarters. Upon finding not a lick of royal presence in the suite, Adalind plants the now plastic wrapped head of the dead Hundjäger in the closet and then screams her lungs out. What a weird plan she and Nick have brewed up, am I right?

While Adalind does her part, Trubel and Bud head to Monrosalee’s place to fill them in on the latest train wreck. After Bud explains how badly Nick needs Trubel, her phone starts ringing. She ignores it, but he insists she answer it in case it’s Nick. She picks up with a “Nick,” but something isn’t quite right. A female voice is heard over the line. It’s certainly a disheartening prospect that Trubel’s keeping secrets, but it looks like something’s going on. Meanwhile, Renard is at the precinct talking Jack the Ripper with a couple of his men. One of the guys mentions a survivor who heard a heavy British accent.  Gee… Kenneth has a British accent too! I’ve got the wheels turning even if Renard, as yet, does not. He’s still sore from the possession and rubber bullets, I’m sure.

In what will likely be the episode’s most light hearted scene, Monroe and Rosalee lament dissecting corpses for potions and providing cures for the Captain, all while cuddled up drinking wine on the couch. It’s nothing short of delightful. They’re not all about themselves here though. They know they need to contact Nick or Trubel soon, but the phone—a landline of all things—is way across the room. You keep cuddling guys. Well, keep cuddling until Trubel and Bud bust in with the news of Nick’s murdered mom. Our Wesen couple skedaddle with Bud and Trubel in short order. While the latter two are under the radar, Monroe and Rosalee are certainly not.

While Trubel and Bud’s mission is a success, Nick’s plan with Adalind and the head is still in progress. Wu is talking to the employees at the DeLuxe. Apparently, a severed head was found in a poor woman’s closet and she was screaming bloody murder. Fortunately, Nick and Hank arrive and interview Adalind in front of the hotel manager. It’s all very convincing and, as we know, a total scam. Nick and Adalind perfectly set up Kenneth and Rispoli, who now have warrants out for them. Adalind attempts to comfort Nick over the loss of his mother, which is ironic considering how she lost her own mom at Kelly’s hands when she made her first Portland visit. Although Claire Coffee is brilliant in the role, Adalind still makes me uneasy a bit. They’re clearly reshaping her character in the wake of Juliette’s downfall, but I’m not sure what that will mean. It’s definitely something I’ll be thinking about moving forward.

Speaking of Juliette’s downfall, she’s still with the king at that big fancy rental home. Juliette here is cold and detached. The gap between the person she was and the person she is now is insurmountable at this point and it’s almost as heartbreaking as Nick’s reaction to his mother’s death. It’s different of course, but like Giuntoli, Tulloch plays her character in a way that makes me feel things. Frederick talks to Juliette about how fond he is of Hexenbiests, to which Juliette counters with his history of trying to kill both Renard and Renard’s mother. Frederick blames his wife. It’s a very Zeus and Hera move. Juliette threatens her with a woge, but Frederick then explains she’s dead and then calls Juliette beautiful. King Frederick? More like Creep Frederick.

Back at the precinct, Nick and Hank are preparing to give the Royals the smack down they deserve. Looking at Kenneth’s records on the computer triggers something for Nick, who puts the evidence of the ash smudged computer mouse and messy bed together to realize it was Juliette who set up his mom.  The realization is harsh, but there’s literally no other possibility. Fortunately, Kenneth will provide someone to vent that rage towards. As he confidently struts towards the hotel, he’s grabbed by the police. Rispoli sees him getting arrested and keeps on moving. Looks like things aren’t so great for the bad guys after all. After the arrest, we find that Kenneth is in the back of Wu’s police car heading out of Portland. It’s probably not where anyone expected Prince Charmless to be at the start of the episode, including the man himself.

Rispoli arrives to fill Frederick in on Kenneth’s arrest. Frederick is annoyed by the Grimm, but decides he’s going to leave Kenneth behind so that both he and Nick can have “a little closure.” Wu and Kenneth arrive at an abandoned warehouse, where Kenneth tries to out sass our resident sass master. Wu just pushes him down on his face and leaves. Wu doesn’t have time for you, jerk. Nick, however, does. Kenneth, ever the waste of oxygen, prattles on about what a letdown killing Kelly was and how he slept with Juliette. He then attacks Nick. The two men proceed to beat the living crap out of each other while I watch on the other side of the TV with my #TeamNick flag waving. Every hit Nick lands is satisfying, but it’s not an easy fight. Outside, Wu worries Kenneth might kill Nick, but Hank just says they’ll finish what Nick started if he does. I have mixed feelings on how to take that, but we have to move along, because now Kenneth is swinging a pipe at Nick. The fight goes back and forth a bit more, but once Nick reveals he’s been wearing the vambrace and retracts the blade inside it, things might as well be over. Kenneth struggles, but Nick overpowers him and the blade slides right into the smug Royal’s neck. Moments later, Nick struts out declaring their need to pinpoint Juliette and the Royals’ location so they can get Diana back and end this once and for all.

At Bud’s, the rest of the gang is collecting themselves. Trubel explains that it wasn’t Kelly’s body they found, but her head in a box. Of course, everyone is appalled and they agree they need to be there for Nick. This is when Trubel drops an awkward bomb. Where’s Juliette? Well, the gang is happy to fill her in on the once sweet veterinarian’s turn to the dark side. Moments later, Nick arrives to explain Juliette is in league with the Royals. Adalind flips out and Trubel is still dumbfounded by this drastic change since she left. After a call with Wu, they know that Juliette is at an estate outside of their jurisdiction.  Rosalee agrees to stay with Bud and Adalind, while Nick, Hank, Trubel, and Monroe head to the spice shop to retrieve some appropriate weaponry. Wu offers to meet them there, but Nick doesn’t want to drag him into what needs to be done. At the spice shop, the gang stock up their arsenal with a familiar array of weaponry. Ready to go, Trubel asks what they should do if they encounter Juliette. Nick drops a curt “kill her.” It’s getting intense, folks.

Not far from the Royal’s Portland compound, Nick and company arrive when they hear a car coming. Oh hey! It’s Wu. Despite being told not to come, he does, asserting he has to help after what happened with Nick’s mom. It’s a really nice gesture and Nick confesses he’s glad he came. Although the intended to make as little noise as possible, Wu brings along a shotgun. Hey, if you’re going to break the silence, why not go all out, am I right? Back at Bud’s, the resident Eisbiber and Rosalee talk about the weird triangle Nick’s found himself in with Juliette and Adalind. It’s like a couple of shippers playing catch up, but it also serves to drive home the horror and weirdness of Nick’s current romantic situation. Outside the mansion, the gang takes out some of the Verrat guards. A couple of swings with a giant club here, a couple of bolts from a crossbow there. The usual, if you will. Inside, Frederick and Diana are playing with blocks. It’s kind of a jarring juxtaposition of scenes, but I dig it. Diana demolishes the little block castle Frederick designs, and then using her trademark demon baby purple eyes, she telekinetically rebuilds a much finer block castle while the king and Juliette watch. The strange trio prepares to depart, just as Nick and company get closer.

In a display of his enhanced hearing powers, Nick hears the helicopter coming, something neither Monroe nor Trubel can do. Our heroes head inside and start bumping off Hundjägers like they’re Star Trek red shirts. They’re mauled. They’re clubbed. They’re shot. It’s brutal and every single one of them deserved it. At a window, Nick sees Juliette and Frederick heading towards the helicopter so he rushes outside; meanwhile,  Rispoli comes in having heard the gunfire. Rispoli fires on Monroe and Trubel, before he ends up in a physical fight with Hank. It’s great to see Hank go toe to toe with a bad guy. Although Rispoli gets some hits in, Hank manages to fling him off the balcony to his death. Sadly, while this is going on, the helicopter departs leaving Nick with an anguished expression and no Juliette or Diana.

Nick, not feeling so great, arrives back at Bud’s to deliver the bad news to Adalind about Diana. He tells everyone to go home and tells Adalind she should continue staying with Bud. The emotion in this particular scene is heavy. Almost as if the characters feel like it’s the end, even though there’s still time left before the season ends. At the precinct, Hank fills Renard in on everything that happened at the estate and how Diana is gone yet again. Hank offers Kenneth’s demise as a consolation prize. I know it makes me feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Hank and Renard realize what I’ve been saying all along: pin the Jack the Ripper killings on Kenneth! Who cares if Kenneth’s dead? It’s easier to frame a corpse! At the warehouse where Nick killed Kenneth, Renard and Hank plant the weapon Jack had used to murder the women in Kenneth’s pocket. Nothing says bonding like planting false evidence!

At the same time, Frederick is with Diana. Juliette is nowhere in sight. While Frederick rambles on, Diana points at the king’s reflection and we see it transform into a skull. Uh oh, Frederick! It looks like your granddaughter has marked you for death. Her eyes glow and suddenly one of the men piloting the helicopter turns around and proceeds to push the king right out of the helicopter. While we have a second to ask “What the hell just happened?” the pilot removes his helmet revealing Meisner! Yup, the man who helped save Adalind and deliver Diana is back. Not only that, but Diana is now in the hands of the Resistance, but none of the gang in Portland know it! Before we cut away, Meisner declares “Down with the king!” and Diana smiles like she just got the exact Happy Meal toy she wanted. I definitely think there’s a lot of story waiting to be told here.

As suitably sullen music plays, Nick arrives home. Then you hear the sound of steps. It’s Juliette. Not only is it Juliette, but she has a half-assed apology for her former lover. Nick, justifiably furious over Juliette’s latest betrayal, nearly chokes her to death, while she gasps for him to do it. Of course, Nick can’t do it. Despite his insistence that she die, his feelings are far too complicated to just kill her. It’s hard to tell if she knew he couldn’t do it, but she slips back into Hexenbitch mode and flings him across the room. Apparently, for Juliette, the only way to end their love is for one of them to die. Tulloch and Giuntoli play the anguish and confusion as pointedly as you would imagine. These are actors who have truly grown into their respective characters over four seasons. Nick doesn’t want to fight back at this point and Juliette finally acknowledges that there’s probably still love floating around in that now blackened heart of hers. She woges again and, with a “Goodbye Nick” she plans on ending his life. However, to both her and Nick’s surprise, we hear “Goodbye Juliette.” It’s Trubel and she fires her crossbow. Two bolts fly and hit Juliette in the chest. She staggers, turns back to “herself” and Nick catches her. Everything is so complicated and everything hurts. She whispers “Nick,” then gasps, and finally twitches a bit. Juliette dies in Nick’s arms and all he can do is cry while Trubel watches. Outside, another surprise return takes place when Agent Chavez and a crew of men appear. The last words we hear before seasons end are “Get her.”


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