‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Dysfunctional Family Reunions

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Days of our Lives had a week based in dastardly deeds! Yes, there were villains running amok in Salem and while some people are still griping on it, I loved it. There’s been an undertone of darkness to DAYS that still has most viewers polarized – either they love the show or they hate it. But isn’t that how it’ll always be? DAYS right now has been giving me light James E. Reilly feels in the sense that the family is in the forefront but there’s always something sinister around the corner, lurking and waiting. At times the new breakneck speed of the show does well for a storyline only to fall flat for others as this last week showcased.

Now onto a few highlights from Salem, USA this last week!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing December 14th – December 18th, 2015.

Strong Enough

The Necktie Killer storyline finally came to a close last week, and to avoid the risk of being redundant, I don’t want to continue commending just Billy Flynn or Robert Scott Wilson on their acting. There’s no doubt that both men were stellar (especially when on screen together) and surely every soap news writer will agree, but Kate Mansi deserves her day in the sun too. There isn’t a soap opera character around that doesn’t get its fair share of hate and love, but Abigail Devereaux’s character has always seemed to polarize fans to an extreme. While Ben, Chad and their portrayers have been applauded for their part in this major storyline, I’ve yet to see much of the same for Kate Mansi’s Abigail who deserves the praise just as much.

Abigail has had to suffer through a lot these last few years, not to mention the last few days though fans of DAYS never seem to want to give her the break she deserves. This last week, Abigail focused on trying to regain her footing in the world. Chad Dimera was by her side the entire time, thankfully not adding any more pressure to her situation that was already at its breaking point. Ben Weston was locked away now and there was no one standing in the way of the couple’s happiness – yet Chad didn’t want to rush. In very uncommon soap opera fashion, Abigail and Chad stopped themselves from having sex in the heat of the moment, realizing it was far too soon and incredibly inappropriate to be doing the nasty while her day old baby was in an incubator. Even after explaining she wasn’t in her right mind and stopping, fans still somehow see Abigail as a trollop.

Then there are the viewers who have already labeled her as a bad mother just one day into the new job. Abigail is not a doctor and her son was premature, there was nothing she could possibly do but to sit outside his hospital room praying for the best – but Chad removed her from the situation for her own mental health. Throughout the day Abigail received updates from the nurses ensuring Thomas’ health was improving, she visited him after getting a good night’s rest and even was ready to bring him home with a new daddy in tow. Unfortunately the disjointed flow of time and Andre Dimera brainwashing Chad to seduce Belle Brady got in Abigail’s way. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but the day of Bo Brady’s funeral started two weeks ago in early December and it only just now came to a close. In that span of time, Philip Kiriakis came back home as did Belle Brady, Shawn and Claire Brady left town, Ciara Brady was kidnapped and Hope Brady was framed – the list literally goes on and on for one of Salem’s most eventful days.

Abigail hopping around town while her son is in the hospital may seem insensitive with the way it was spread out between episodes, but in Salem time mere hours had gone by. Cut her some slack! Just look at the Abigail now compared to Abigail four years ago as she hunted after a married man for little to no reason and especially look at the way she’s portrayed now. From my perspective, Kate Mansi has grown up alongside Abigail; it’s obvious now, as both she and the character are showing much more maturity on our screens. I’ve always harped on Abigail for not being fully formed and immature but I think current circumstances will truly solidify her as a heroine that viewers want to root for. She survived a kidnapping, premature labor and now she has to save her brainwashed lover from the clutches of his evil family. If anything, Abigail is determined and I know she won’t back down from the challenge of bringing her love back from the brink. Though much like Zombie Chad, I do think Abigail is moving a bit too fast by trying to lock Chad in as part of her new family unit which is why I can appreciate the brainwashing story dragging away from that happy ending for a time. I just wish it didn’t all center on an absent Sami Brady.

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