‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Dysfunctional Family Reunions

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Clash of the Titans

After burying a son and disowning a grandson in the same day, Victor Kiriakis needed his most loyal family back on his side again. Enter Philip Kiriakis with a new face but same attitude and hair. When he showed up last week he was all about business – and this week he was all about business too, but with a sinister motive. Philip is itching to sell Caroline Brady’s miracle serum on the market even though his father is opposed to it. I knew from the day he was reintroduced that Philip was going to be written as a foil to Brady Black’s character that seems on the up and up.

Credit: © Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Credit: © Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Brady’s moved out of Victor’s grasp as he restarts his life as a family man with morals who doesn’t trash talk his baby’s mother; Philip is back in the picture playing the perfect son while scheming in the background. Victor team seems to be dwindling and if Caroline’s vision of death in his future comes to pass, then it’ll be a sad time for the once mighty Greek tycoon.

With what we’ve seen of the third iteration of Philip, I think I’ll enjoy him this time around. I’ve just never cared much for the character itself but my interest has been piquing at moments throughout this last week. A standout moment was the first exchange between him and his mother Kate Roberts. Kate knows her own children better than any other mom in Salem, so it was no surprise when she called Philip out on plotting against his father and pretty much congratulated him. Like mother, like son! John-Paul Lavoisier jumped into the role against John Aniston, Martha Madison and Lauren Koslow just fine though some fans were a little worried; I think he’ll continue to do well.

What do you think of Philip’s motives? Do you like the recast so far?

Sour Note

Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady are back on track just in time for Christmas! After a hasty love making session and failed proposal, the Johnson family is still moving forward to patch things up again. Pun intended. This last week marked the debut of a gorgeous new set – Kayla’s home! The week prior, Kayla had turned down Steve’s marriage proposal as she still needed time to adjust to having him back in her life but she did extend the offer for him to move back home. Now here I was thinking Kayla still loved over the Brady Pub where she could conveniently rush down again to wait tables but no, that Kayla is long gone!

I do think Steve and Kayla’s love story is one of the stories going far too fast but at the same time, seeing ¾ of the Johnson family reunited around the holidays just exudes warmth. Joey Johnson seemed legitimately happy that his parents were back together even though he’s clueless about the woman pulling his strings. Ava Vitali made her return to Salem known by showing up on Kayla’s doorstep, not too long after the family had gone Christmas tree shopping and later dressed the tree all together. It had been the perfect day until Ava’s arrival cast a shadow over it all. I particularly enjoyed Kayla not even letting Ava get a word in, running through the list of her crimes while ignoring the gray makeup Ava had caked on to look sick.

Leukemia Is what she claimed to be ailing her and the driving force behind her return to town, seeking forgiveness that neither Kayla or Steve wanted to dole out. My initial prediction had Ava coming back with a child in tow claiming to be Steve’s, something that would bring the man back in her orbit but instead she’s faking an illness and piecing a supercouple back together. I don’t really know what her motive is at the moment, but then again I didn’t watch much when Ava was first on. But I do love her flair for the dramatics!

What do you think Ava’s goals are this time?

This coming week on Days of our Lives, Philip and Brady get into it, Adrienne and Lucas talk medical concerns, Victor wants Caroline to live with him and Maggie, Eve grows close to Claire and Abigail confronts Andre and Stefano over Chad!

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Photo Credit: © Jill Johnson/JPI Studios