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Well, the votes are in the and the masses have spoken! A total of 6,802 ballots were cast in TV Source Magazine’s Most Anticipated poll for The 100 and the results were overwhelming in favor of the head and the heart of the show, Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake.

Please note that though 6,802 ballots were submitted, voters were not required to select an entry in each category.

When asked what group fans were most excited to see, Clarke and Madi were the clear and decisive winners with 2,944 votes. This could tie in to audiences not knowing much about Madi and wanting to know about her past and background, how she came to be with Clarke, or anything at all about the new and youngest member. That’s not to take favor away from Clarke as well as there are a multitude of questions surrounding her (and her mental state/overall wellbeing) after a six year time jump in the season four finale.

It could also tie in to the results for our next category:

Most Anticipated Character Return

Bellamy Blake. Perhaps fans wanted to split their votes between the two and decided to give Clarke and Madi the edge over SpaceKru, BunkerKru, or the Eligius Group, while throwing their weight wholeheartedly behind Bellamy individually in this category. Mr. Blake held 3,303 votes, with Clarke in second place with 621 votes.

Love him or hate him (but love him), Bellamy clearly is dear to The 100’s audience.  Which brings us to:

Most Anticipated Reunion

Bellamy and Clarke smoked the competition with 4,979 votes, Raven and Clarke coming in second with 1, 293 votes.

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has said before that the show works better when the two are together and it would seem that audiences agree and are eagerly anticipating the two to reunite and delve in to what changes their relationship will have now after being apart for far longer than they were ever together.  How will their relationship develop or regress, what kind of balance will they strike? We’ll find out April 24, 2018 when The 100  returns to The CW.

In the meantime, look for more polls and fun features to come here on TV Source, including but not limited to CW Super Couple Smackdown, which will also feature nominees for Sexiest Male and Kick Ass female. Noticing a trend? We’re big fans of the The CW here.

Until then don’t forget to #PromoteThe100 by streaming it on any platform available to you (i.e Netflix, The CW app or website, iTunes, or Amazon) and using the hashtag (#The100) when discussing the show on social media. It all counts, guys.

The full list of winners:

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Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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