Titans Recaps: Jason Todd, Donna Troy, Hank and Dawn! Oh My!

Titans -- Ep. 107 -- Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As the Titans disband to go their separate ways, Dick decides to turn to old friend and investigative journalist, Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl (guest star CONOR LESLIE), for answers. When he’s soon embroiled in her undercover investigation of a crime syndicate, he realizes that past events have taken more of a psychological toll than he previously imagined. Meanwhile, seeing Kory’s distress over her inability to recover her identity, Rachel attempts to use her powers to heal Kory’s memory… with unintended and frightening consequences.

Titans: Episode 108 “Donna Troy”
Written by: Richard Hatem  and Marisha Mukerjee
Directed by: David Frazee
Original Airdate: Novermber 30, 2018

If like me when this episode started, you were concerned we were diverging yet again from the story to meet another DC Comics character and ignoring Rachel, Gar, and Kory then like me you were pleasantly surprised when Titans managed to seamlessly pull off Dick and Donna’s side story while still moving forward the other characters trajectory and bring them all together by the end. Conor Leslie is immediately engaging as Donna and her chemistry with Brenton is so comfortable you believe these two have been friends for years. The flashback introducing her as a teen who is visiting with Diana (yes, Wonder Woman) quickly establishes the relationship that exists between her and Dick while also giving the audience insight into the dynamics between Bruce and Diana, mentions of the Justice League, and nonchalant Joker name drops. It also helps establish their current day relationship which feels very brother/sister in nature. Donna has moved on from being Wonder Girl, but not from trying to do good in the world and it is the time spent with her that will help Dick move on from Robin to become something else.

Titans — Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

What’s great about Titans is their “no rush to costume” policy that appears to be going on. Allowing the characters to develop as people before turning them into superheroes really helps establish core and dynamics. Something on other shows that often gets forgotten even though other shows have a higher episode count. I don’t mind that we’re seemingly developing this team through character and not necessarily through circumstance. When Dick realizes Donna can translate Kory’s text, they rush to find the others because inherently he really cares about these people and that has developed over time on our screen.  

Though still not much has developed story wise with Rachel’s father, I imagine he will be the tag end to the season that leads us into Season 2. Rachel’s birth mother drops a lot of information on the audience and it doesn’t’ feel like just an information dump; it feels like a legit conversation between a young girl and her mother who have been separated for years. Rachel still doesn’t understand fully how all encompassing her power is and when she attempts to heal Kory, Starfire turns on her leaving us with a cliffhanger going into “Hank and Dawn”.