Shadowhunters Review: Stay with Me

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We have to start with that dance.

Shadowhunters opened with the kind of bait and switch that often makes fans roll their eyes.

How many times have we seen a classic fake-out/dream sequence/hallucination that’s designed solely to lull the audience into a false sense of security?

Too many to count, right?

And clearly we knew the picture perfect Malec breakfast was one of those scenes because we all remember gasping in horror when Magnus collapsed last week.

But here’s the thing…I knew it was imaginary and I didn’t care at all.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Because Malec is THAT couple.

Their dynamic is captivating and I would happily watch an entire hour of their breakfast bickering and vacation reminiscing.

And then there was the dance…the one Alec trained for because he loves Magnus so much he wanted to share his passions with him.


Unfortunately, it ended too soon and we returned to the real world as Alec begged Magnus to “Stay with Me” as Katerina fought to save him.


(Freeform/John Medland)

Alec poured his heart out; first to Magnus. He apologized for being selfish and not seeing how much not having magic bothered him.

Then, Alec opened up to everyone’s least favorite High Warlock, Lorenzo. As expected, he didn’t want to help because he’s so jealous of Magnus.

Grow up, jerk. Maybe you could be lovable, too, if you weren’t too busy whining that Magnus has everything.

(Entitlement is the worst).

But Alec appealed to his compassion and explained what Magnus meant to him; what love meant to him, and Lorenzo’s heart grew half a size so he relented.

(Or he relented because he knew Magnus would be powerless once more and that appealed to him since he’s the worst).

However, the solution didn’t sit well with Magnus. He’d rather have magic than good health. He can’t be happy without it.

Alec gave another passionate speech—this one while Magnus was awake—and assured him that he didn’t fall in love with him for his magic.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Again, swooning, but a little bit more skeptically this time. I adore Alec and I understand why he’s desperate to keep the man he loves alive.

However, he literally just sat at Magnus’ bedside and apologized for being selfish. And while it’s hard to completely fault him, he is repeating his mistake—not fully taking into account Magnus’ feelings.

That said, I’m 100 percent Team Keep Magnus Alive at All Costs so what can you do?

In Alec’s case, he’s planning to propose! He asked Maryse for the family ring, and once again, I am here for it.

(Except we all know weddings don’t tend to go well in this universe).

The other big story of the episode: after the Silent Brothers failed to help Clary, she decided to retrieve Lilith from Edom for a Q&A on mark removal.

(Freeform/John Medland)

What could go wrong?

How about Jonathan could be visiting his Mama Demon? Not because he missed her; but because the Seelie Queen tasked him with dispatching her in exchange for the Morningstar sword.

Chaos ensued.

According to Lilith, only Glorious, Michael’s sword, aka Heavenly Fire, could purge demon energy. Too bad it was destroyed way back when he used it on Lucifer.

Except maybe it wasn’t; something Izzy pointed out once all was said and done. So presumably that’s part of what the Clave is hiding—a piece, or several pieces, of Glorious.

Jonathan showed up and battled with Jace and Izzy for the right to kill Lilith, I guess? Honestly, it didn’t make a lot of sense what the fight was about.

(Freeform/John Medland)

(He could have just taken a swing at Demon Mama again instead of wasting his time. But then he wouldn’t get to express his anger at his sister’s boyfriend).

Side note: was anyone surprised when Jonathan and Lilith kissed? At least they’re not actually related, but he calls her “mother” and the incest factor on this show is hard to watch.

Back to the battle: Clary couldn’t get too close to Jonathan for fear of siding with him so Simon, who insisted on being there to support his bestie, held her back.

Jace and Izzy did that BAMF thing, but Jonathan is super strong. And as he was about to take out Izzy, Simon leapt into action and bit him.

(Team Sizzy all the way).

While all this was happening, Lilith convinced Cain to free her in exchange for bringing Abel back to life.

(Call me judge-y if you want, but seriously, if anyone should know better by now, it’s this guy who’s been alive for centuries).

(Freeform/John Medland)

Clary jumped in when Jonathan called out to her for help, but surprise! She sent him to the cell at the Institute.

He’s been outfitted Hannibal style so he can’t bring harm to himself—or Clary—and she told Jace his voice is the one that breaks Jonathan’s spell over her.

Seems like a swoon-worthy moment, doesn’t it?

But it also seems a little too good to be true. Again, we all know how these things work. It feels like a Loki in The Avengers situation. As in Jonathan is exactly where he wants to be…

Finally, Luke’s freed from jail by the Praetor and once again this plot exists in its own world. Maybe it’ll connect eventually, but for now…shrug emoji.

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